Thursday, January 10, 2013

Awesome, More Awesome, Awesomest

Thursday. This week is moving right along. Makes me happy. Nothing I love more than a nice pending Friday night. No worries, relaxing. Ahhhh…. After step, of course. J
First, stats from yesterday:
Cals 1488 Fat 67 g Cholesterol 0 mg Sodium 1980 mg Carbs 173 g Fiber 40 g Protein 60 g Sugars 52 g

My calories were a little higher than my goal, but my choices were great, and I was REALLY hungry after class last night. So, I had an apple and natural PB – 2 servings of PB in one day = higher than normal fat and calories. Not something to repeat often.
Stats for today, for eats as listed:
Cals 1245 Fat 45 g Cholesterol 44 mg Sodium 2708 mg Carbs 156 g Fiber 32 g Protein 61 g Sugars 39 g

16 ounce chai tea, black
23 oz water
B: Ezekiel raisin bread with 2 tbs natural PB
23 oz water
S: 1 medium raw red pepper, 3 tbs garlic hummus
23 oz water
L: 1 cup spicy black bean soup, ½ cup clean sweet potato mash
23 oz water
S: banana
D: 4 oz swordfish, ½ cup quinoa, large green salad with oil and vinegar dressing  

Guilt wallpaper from Dark wallpapers

Thanks for all of the responses on my “guilt” question yesterday. You are all 100% right. It’s not like I’m not with them because I’m out at the bar or something. I am working hard to be healthy and strong for them. I know they see that, and they are influenced by it. Thing 1 likes to exercise with me, and I always try to get them out and really active on the weekends. These decisions are shaping them as healthy little men. I highly doubt they will be in therapy one day saying “I’m here because my mom hit the gym 6 hours a week.”
Awesome: Going to the gym for Group Power last night.
More Awesome: Using appropriate weights so I am sore today, but not incapacitated.
AWESOMEST: Getting hubby to come to class with me!!! HOORAY!
They kids were MORE than happy to go to the play room at the gym (nice ladies, tons of toys and other kids – what’s not to love?) and I persuaded hubby to come with me to class instead of getting on the elliptical. He gets nervous because his grip strength needs a lot of work. He had/has carpel tunnel. Had the surgery on one hand, and is supposed to have it on the other at some point. He gets nervous he’s going to drop weights, and that he won’t be working to the max of his body because of his hands.
But, he did really well. There were some things he had trouble with. Joe, the instructor, approached him after class, asked how he liked it, and asked if he could help him in any way – he saw he was having a little trouble. Joe offered to give hubby some alternate movements for things that are tough on his wrist until he builds a little more strength. Hubs was grateful, and is already talking about going back to class next week!
source - not my kid, but it will be!
Leaving work at 2:00 today to bring the kids for flu shots – ugh. By myself! UGH! I’ve been trying to get them in for weeks and they finally had 2 openings, so I had to just take them, even though it means leaving work, and getting Josh from school early. It is what it is. I also need an oil change (badly) and make a stop at the store (out of Ezekiel bread). So I am going to take advantage of the few extra hours.

Tonight is my off night for the gym, but I am thinking a home workout with Thing 1 might be perfect. It will probably distract him from the ache the flu shot will likely bring.
I am feeling really, really good. Bloat is gone, I’m energized, not hungry (and when I am, I eat!), and I just feel lighter and happier. Yes, I miss my cheese and sweeteners, but it’s a REALLY small price to pay for getting to my lowest/best weight and going into surgery STRONG AND HEALTHY.
Speaking of surgery…  Please, if you can, consider making a small donation toward my surgery goal. I need to raise this money to keep my family going while I recover. Any amount is incredibly helpful. Thanks for considering!
That’s it for now, peeps! I’m moving forward – I hope you are too!!

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