Friday, May 27, 2011

Am I am FIT Bottomed Girl?

Morning all! A long weekend looms before us, and I plan on taking advantage of every single second...

I have applied to be a leader in the Fit Bottomed Girls July Weight=Loss Challenge I am hoping I am chosen, and THEN I am hoping I can get a team together. I need at LEAST 5-7 girls (preferably more!) to all join in the challenge for 8 weeks. In that 8 weeks, we all meet - once a week for a meeting and podcast from Fit Bottomed Girls on the Fit Bottomed Lifestyle. For example: Mindful eating is a lesson taught. Not deprivation, not severe restriction... and fitness is a big aspect of this! If I become a leader, I would love to lead some fitness "classes" - maybe popping in a cardio DVD, or going for a walk/jog with the group. I think we could learn a lot about each other, and even more about ourselves.
If our team WINS (with the largest percentage of INCHES lost) we win tons of cool stuff! Like free Jazzercise Classes membership for a YEAR and other cool prizes!
My ultimate dream is to own and operate a Weight Loss and Wellness Center, where everyone, every shape, size, fitness level, can come and find a nutrition plan and exercise plan that is right for them. In conjunction, I want to have good references/cohorts to help in anyway needed: counselors, alternative therapies (Reiki, massage etc)... This could be the start of something really great in moving me toward that goal - helping people be fit and happy! Along the way, I just might make it to my goal as well! WOOT!
So HEY! If YOU are reading this - you live in my area, and you want to learn a NEW and HEALTHY way to live - contact me! Let's do this!!! July Challenge, HERE WE COME!

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