Wednesday, May 18, 2011

comfort is overrated

The fabulous Christa Doran of Tuff Girl Fitness ( says "comfortable is overrated". Being uncomfortable creates change. I was thinking about that a lot today. We take a lot of time in our day trying to get away from "uncomfortable". When we stress our muscles and they are uncomfortable, our instinct is to make them comfortable again - perhaps quit the movement, or lower the intensity. I attempted today in my workout to "be in" my uncomfortable-ness. To sit with it, and just take it in. In stretching, I breathed deeply and allowed myself to take in the stretching feeling and just sit with the burning sensation. It was a very cool experience.
The same can be said for our uncomfortable emotions. When confronted with them, we want to push them away - some eat (like me) some drink, or do drugs, shop or gamble. Some cut themselves, or hurt themselves even more. I am not suggesting that everyone simply sit and observe the uncomfortable feeling - it may be good for some, and not good for others. For me - I am going to experiment a little with it. Physical, mental and emotional discomfort. Just sitting with it. Letting it be what it is, and then trying to let it go, without the use of any other "crutch".
It's just something I am mulling over... let me know your thoughts.

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  1. As "uncomfortable" as it may feel to be in those emotional situations I believe we have to go through them in order to grow and become whole. Because I am a firm believer that without the "bad" we would have no idea what the "good" is, right? Hope this makes sense...