Monday, May 30, 2011

New weekly challenge

I found myself, after slacking off today, going to a few picnics and eating a little too much (though, I MUST say, that this weekend has really been QUITE good in the food department. I am seriously happy with the hubs and myself) wanting to take part in a challenge this week. So, I first thought of the 100 push-up a day challenge I participated in. So, at about 9:30 PM, I got down on my mat to start my 100 push-ups... OUCH. My wrist was in pain... I tried a few more. Nope. This is NOT happening. Not sure what I did to it. In everyday living, no problems, but in push-ups, it hurts. A lot.
So I turn, of course, to my hubs. What other challenge can I do? He suggests 100 crunches... after all, I had already done 100 yesterday as part of the Power90 video.
So, here's what I did:
10 traditional crunches
10 wide leg crunches
10 left crunches
10 right crunches
20 scissors
10 reverse crunches
20 bicycles (knee to elbow)
30 second forearm plank, which I counted as my last 10

Whew. My belly was screaming! And, it shall scream again tomorrow!

One thing I love about the "100 _______ per day challenges" is that it shows you that change CAN occur in a few minutes a day. A few hard, intense minutes everyday, and you can change your body in some way...
So, I will continue this until I have completed 7 days of 100 crunches per day. I will, of course, report back. I also already know what my next challenge will be - increasing the amount of time I can hold plank position. Not sure how to make this work as a challenge yet - we will see.
Speaking of reporting - Give me a few more days with this FitBit and I am going to spill all the ins and outs, the likes and dislikes. Stay tuned.


  1. I think I might get in on your 100 per day activity.

    I hate doing planks, but I'm now able to hold them for a minute at a time. Last year I never could have done that!


  2. I did a plank for a minute today! You were totally my inspiration for that Sarah! Thanks!!!