Thursday, May 26, 2011


I am so excited to report that I ordered my very own FITBIT!!! I even expedited shipping so I can get it TOMORROW - 'cause I'm impatient like that!

I started the Stephanie Vitorino 6 round slimdown last night. It's a 45 minute workout that goes through 6 rounds of strength,cardio and core within each round. At just about 30 minutes, I got dizzy and felt really yucky... a funny kind of possibly-on-the-verge-of-passing-out feeling. No Bueno. So, I stopped it. Sat right down on the floor, pointed the fan at myself and breathed. Once the dizziness had passed, I stretch slowly and just sat. I knew that was it for me. when I felt steady, I got up, mixed myself a cold protein shake, and folded laundry for about an hour and a half. What excitment, but I knew I had to take it easy.
After that whole issue, I felt very sore, like I had worked out for hours. I felt really good that I didn't turn to food to comfort myself. I had something to get my body right, and that was all. Even later, when the hubs was going for a snack, he asked if I wanted anything. I took a moment, thought "am I really hungry" and figured out I wasn't, and passed on the snack. I took a little tylenol and went to bed. This morning I feel ok, not too sore.
Today's food will be good - my only stressor is that I have a meeting where the Doc who runs it ALWAYS brings in tons of cookies, and huge sourdough pretzels. I am determined to leave it all alone. I will NOT partake. I will eat a snack prior, so I am not hungry, and not fall into the mindless eating trap. I am better than that!!
I will certainly update you on my FITBIT as soon as I get it... I am WAY excited!

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