Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ok, ok... fell back into the Starbucks trap yesterday during a very long, stressful day that included a long, stressful rehearsal for the cabaret show this coming weekend. So, It's kinda like starting all over with that tomorrow (cause, well, I had some today too...meep) But, I will. I will go tomorrow without Starbucks.
I am feeling very stressed. Work is really, really crazy because my co-worker is out, probably till Wednesday, and doing this job myself is absolutely insane. That, coupled with the ends of classes/finals, the show, the second job, church, and of course the kids... I am a stretched thin woman. However, I have made some strides for myself. I made time to go have a great workout on Saturday morning. I am participating in the 100 push up challenge, and I am very proud to say that I have done 100 push ups each and every day so far (I have a few more to go today). I made an appointment with a food therapist and I am following through with that appointment on Tuesday. The surgery I had is a wonderful tool. It has helped me lose 150 + lbs - but I have to continually need to work on my "head" issues. I probably will for my whole life. The sooner I really accept that, the better.

*Sigh*. Today is 9 years since my step-dad passed away from liver cancer. I miss him all the time. I think of him so, so often. Even though they never met, Thing 1 knows him as "grandpa Mario" and recognizes him from pictures. Thing 2 will as well. He will live on in this house always.
RIP Moe. Love you so much.
So, as for a menu for tomorrow (I know, the boring stuff)
Pepperidge Farm flat bread
Kashi Cereal
Almonds is where I am drawing a blank. Our schedule did not allow for grocery shopping this weekend, and I don't have a lot in the house. Tomorrow is my long school day, so I need to be more prepared than this. To trouble shoot - I may bring 2 servings of cereal or flatbread and PB, to get me through class.
Ok. 30 more pushups to do. Some interesting things I have discovered so far in this challenge:
It does not take a long time to do 100 push ups.
I started out, LESS than a week ago, being able to do 20 at a time, now I can do 30 at a time.
I ALREADY see a difference in my arms.
Think you can't do 100 push ups a day? Think again. YOU CAN.

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