Tuesday, May 3, 2011

food journal for tomorrow: 5/4 - updated

click protein - coffee fix
hood calorie countdown chocolate milk - coffee fix with Click
strawberries - snack
kashi cereal - snack
mexican spiced ground turkey breast - lunch
kraft 2% cheese - lunch
mission carb smart tortilla - lunch
baby carrots - snack
garlic hummus - snack
naan bread
- subbing Peppridge Farms Deli flat - breakfast
natural peanut butter - Breakfast
Barilla Plus pasta - dinner
2% mozzarella cheese - dinner
saltines - a few too many of these and the following before bed
Sugar free jelly

This post will likely change through out the day - indicating what I have eaten for what... This is a school day, so everything has to last me through 8:00 tonight... I once again, think I may have underpacked. Perhaps adding a salad mid-day will help disperse it all more.
Giving up my Starbucks habit - today is day 1. I did NOT stop on the way to work, which is already AMAZING. My next challenge will be NOT stopping before class. Yes, that's right - on school days I typically stop for Starbucks 2x. That's $10 a day! Holy crap!
Some quotes I was thinking of this morning as I felt sluggish and headach-y:
"Pain is weakness leaving the body"
"Comfortable is overrated" (Thanks Christa-
"Progress not Perfection" (Thanks for the reminder Jen!)

I have done 25 of my 100 pushups today. 100 Push-ups - Check! Challenge Day 2!
100 done yesterday, and I even talked the hubs into doing the last 25 with me.


  1. Wow.. A musician nutrition specialist. How cool is that. You can sing people into a healthier weight. ; )

    Kidding aside, best of luck. (That Click protein is so delicious. Like a mocha java lite frappucino when zipped up with ice. Mmmm.)


  2. LOL - well, striving to be both those things and other things!
    I LOVE the Click - it is currently helping me kick my starbucks habit! :-)