Thursday, May 19, 2011

I need a personal assistant - please apply within

Anyone looking to work for an extremely busy, slightly scattered and disorganized mom of 2, who has a full time job, a part time job, runs a theater company, goes to school, and has various other things to keep tract of (appointments, gigs, etc)for no money but lots of love and gratitude?
Please apply with a comment.

*Sigh* seriously. I can't keep up. I am getting dates and times all screwed up and I am letting people down, including myself. I can't keep it together.
So, if you are interested in working for me for no pay (don't all jump up at once) let me know! Hey, I would also be happy to work out a barter - any outstandingly organized individuals out there want to learn to sing?

I just realized I have an opera concert I am singing on MONDAY night. I thought it was next weekend. I have known about this concert for probably 2 months, and yet, I didn't keep tract of it. Now I am scrambling to get my voice into these 5 peices. I've known them for years, but it's hard to go back when you have not sung opera to this extent in a while. It's kinda like a runner who doesn't run at all for 6 months, and then decides to run a marathon. Not a great idea, and that person will probably not do very well. Therefor, letting himself and others down. Awesome.
Ok, the only thing to do now is clear my schedule and practice my butt off - and pray!

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