Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Very indecisive - and Thing 2's bad mood

I knew I needed to do some good cardio tonight, along with my 100 crunches - but I had a really hard time choosing what to do. I started with Billy Blanks Jr. "Dance with Me" because I thought I'd try to have some fun... then, the hubs comes down stairs and gives me funny looks. I tell him I'm trying to make this fun, and he should join me. He tries, for a few minutes, and the Thing 2 starts crying from upstairs.

Let me preface this by saying that we have been pretty spoiled by Thing 2 - he has always been a good sleeper (UNLIKE Thing 1) - but what's hard is I find myself less patient with Thing 2 when he doesn't sleep like normal. Then, of course, I feel bad. Maybe I should have told him I was trying to workout before I passed out. I am SURE that would have calmed him right down. Yeah. Ok.
Anyway, I am frustrated, running up and down the stairs, trying to do the workout, going up and calming the baby, coming back down, working out again, going back up... the hubs goes up and seemingly gets him to sleep. By this point, I had changed from the dance cardio to a 6 round cardio/core/strength video, and then finally to a workout called "Boost Metabolism" with (shudder)Jillian Michaels.

Ok, another disclaimer. I really, really don't like Jillian Michaels. She is a media whore and all she does is hock pills, powders, and make people think the only way to get obese people to lose weight is to scream at them. Ok, moving on.
Now that I have gotten that out - I actually really liked the video. It's about 45 minutes, all cardio circuits, easy movements that are done with intensity and you burn some serious calories. According to my FitBit, I burned about 500 in the 45 (well, 55 minutes total) I was working out. Of course, taking into account the stair running I did to try and calm Thing 2.
So, not surprisingly, I have a massive headache. I had a delightful protein shake after my workout, and I feel better. my abs are on FIRE, since I ALSO did my 100 crunches this evening - yes - in addition to the workout. Why yes, yes I DO rock a little. ;-)

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  1. Oh I totally understand where you're coming from with Thing 2. For me, Tom Sawyer was an okay sleeper, but he was a bottle hound. Huck Finn actually sleeps quite well, but he will not take a bottle to save himself from crying. I was spoiled by Tom--he would just take a prepped bottle and then go back to sleep, but Huck wants picked up, cuddled, nourished, and then gently placed back down to sleep...*mommy*patience*wears*thin**if*only*my*butt*!!*