Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Screw it - just do it and inner-critic

I am taking a challenge: 100 push-ups per day for 7 days. Starting today. I will do 100 pushups before I go to bed tonight.
I have been striving to create goals and really persue them, and I have been falling short. In an amazing workshop I attended this past weekend, I came face-to-face with my inner critic, and she is really hitting me hardcore. My inner critic is my 365lb self rearing her ugly head. In the workshop, our fabulous leaders said something that really resonated with me - "Your inner critics goal is to keep things comfortable, unchanging, status-quo." "Comfortable is over-rated" (Thanks for that one Crista!)

I am realizing all of the nasty things Mz. Inner Critic (I) say(s) to me. Here is an example:
"Why bother?"
"You can't"
"it's too hard"
She also calls me names I won't repeat. This needs to stop. Even as I write that, the thought that pops into my head is "you say that all the time, and you never really change". What a bitch!
So, today, I may not log my food like I wanted to, I may not run this evening, but I WILL do my 100 push-ups. (Inner critic says "And you will regret it tomorrow" - see what I mean?? ACK!)

Edited to add: 100 push-ups DONE!!!

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  1. Kel, you ROCK!!! Screw that inner critic! I am so proud of you! :-)