Thursday, May 5, 2011

food journal for, uh, tomorrow, and the state of things...

Ok, there was no journal for today, and it showed. I threw random things in a bag this morning running out the door, but amazingly enough, I made it work without buying anything or going to the cafe at all. So, the plan for tomorrow is as follows:

hood calorie countdown chocolate milk
click protein
natural PB
Pepperidge Farm deli flat
kashi cereal
Barilla Plus spaghetti with homemade sauce
kraft 2% shredded cheese

I get to actually come home for, oh, I dunno, an HOUR tomorrow night after work and before I have to be out and off to rehearsal - so dinner will happen in the time, and I will being a snack with me to rehearsal, to stave off the want for Starbuck-y goodness.
As usual, this will be updated as the day goes on.
I am going to see a food therapist on Tuesday, and I have a nutrition appointment in June (yes, they were booking out THAT far!). I made some serious discoveries since the workshop I participated in, and one of them has lead me to admit that I might need some help. I am still hanging on to old ideas about food, and I need some help in combating them. That big 'ol inner critic of mine is NOT happy about all the change - and keeping "her" all riled up helps me know I am moving in the right direction...
That's all for tonight.

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