Thursday, July 7, 2011

Challenges need to be EXCITING (Edited)

There are so many things I want to write about today.
First, my heel DOES feel better... I'm cautiously optimistic.
I went to a Tuff Girl workout last night. When I read what the workout was (gliders and bands) my instinct was NO. I had a very small intro to disks during my last workout and I referred to them as the Devil. Just when you think you are strong and can hold a good plank, stick some disks under your feet and see how far you REALLY have to go. I realized that if I was that resistant to them, then I really should just go face them head on. And I did.
I was really nervous going into the workout. Sometimes I feel that way - maybe it's because I don't know what to expect? Maybe I am worried I won't be able to cut it... or that I will be judged. I don't know. But, everytime I go to any class-style workout, I get nervous. I never let it deter me, I just move through it.
The workout began with a warm up - we did walk outs and by the second one I got a shooting pain in my right hand, in between my thumb and first finger and shooting up my wrist. WTF?? I mean, I JUST got my heal fixed! So, I had to modify some of the warm ups, and come of the workout, actually, since I couldn't put a lot of weight on it. I was able to use it some, but it's something else I'll have to look into now.
Anyway, it was a tough workout. Not a jumpy-I'm-exhausted workout, but them kind that takes so much focus and core strength that it's mentally exhausting as well. SO MANY times my body screamed for me to stop, let go, FALL OVER. My brain prevailed. If I fell, I got back up. I tried the harder moves even though I didn't think my body could take them. Even if I could just do it once or twice, it was a victory. A few times Christa came over to me and gave me words of encouragement that meant so much to me. Later on she approached me and told me I am a different person. And she is right, but not just physically. Mentally, emotionally... everything. Yes, I still have my demons to deal with (AKA inner fat girl) but I challenge them everyday. Everyday IS a challenge, and I can view that as exciting or exhausting. Sometimes it's the latter, but most days I strive for it to be the former. Today I strive for it to be exciting.
I am going to a Spinning class after work, with my new favorite spinning instructor, Donna at In Shape. I LOVE her teaching style. Can't wait!
Want to share: My joy this morning, watching my precious boys chase each other around the living room (both crawling). Thing 2 LOVES his big brother SOOO much. He just laughs and smiles whenever Thing 1 pays him the slightest attention. They both laughed so hard, they could barely crawl! It was amazing.
My goal weight wise is to be at 206 on Monday morning. That will be a 2 lb loss in a week. It's a stretch, but I'm shooting for it. How will I accomplish this?
* I will eat ONLY the food I have prepared for myself at work. I have a meeting this afternoon where there is consistantly snacks. I have brought myself a snack to bring to help me stay in control.
* I will get in as much exercise as possible. Upcoming that includes my spin class tonight, *something* tomorrow (have to fit it somewhere because I have rehearsal), Zumba on Saturday *something* on Sunday... lol... I have to figure out how to fill in the gaps. PLUS walking, walking, walking. Got in almost 13,000 steps yesterday!
* Drinking at least 80 oz of water (especially with it being so hot and muggy out now)
Attending a wonderful Grand Rounds seminar tomorrow about obesity and food addiction. I can't wait - it should be extremely interesting!
ALSO: As a side note: I REALLY need to go out and buy work clothes. HOLY CRAP. My pants are falling down and I have like, 3 nice work shirts that are suitable for summer. ACK! This weekend, I have to figure it out.

ETA: I didn't make my spin class :-( My meeting got out really late, and by the time I walked to my car and got on the highway, the class was beginning.... have to do some a home workout tonight. Disappointing!

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