Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Sorry I have been MIA for a few days - things have just been super busy.
I have so much to report on, it makes me tired to think of all the typing I have to do. First things first:
Weight 7/4 - 208
Weight 7/11 - 208
loss - 0
Yup. Another week without a loss. Whatever, I'm over it. What can I do about it now? Nothing. I can only look forward and keep trying my hardest.
Sunday was the first meeting of my lovely group of Ladies The "Damsels in De-Stress". In case you don't know, we are one of 10 groups all over the US taking part in the Fit Bottomed Girls July Weight Loss Challenge. We had an exciting first meeting and it's going to be an AWESOME 8 weeks.
I did the MOST killer workout I have ever participated in last night. This Tuff Girl workout was T-U-F-F. It took a lot of mental stamina to keep going, but I did. I moved till the end. I was proud of myself. I have NEVER pushed myself so hard, or sworn so much in a workout. Thank goodness no one was easily offended. I think they were all swearing too!
Sometimes I think the stress is so intense that something has to give. Sometimes it's one thing after another. In light of all of the stress endured (today especially) here is my grateful list:
1. I am grateful for my job and for an EXTREMELY understanding boss. She understands that I am a Mama, #1 in my life, and when my kids need me, I need to be there.
2. I am grateful for wonderful family in my life. My mother is so amazing. My husband - unbelievable. My kids - the light in my life. I am so lucky.
3. I am grateful I am able to continue on this fitness path. That I am able-bodied, able-minded and well, just able.

You are all ABLE. There is a blog I follow that I admire so much. Trisha is a woman who is battling SO much. Some may look at all her ailments and call her dis-abled. NOT able to follow a path to fitness and wellness. Yet, she is. She tries everyday. She is having a hard time right now, go over and give her some love.
That's all for now guys.


  1. You look so cute in the Renaissance dress!


  2. You look ADORABLE and HOTTTTT in the Ren Dress!!! Damn girl!!!! <3 <3 <3 (Let me take a wipey to mop up the droooool) ;)

    Thank you so much for the love!! I really appreciate it! Means a lot!! :) We are all ABLE!! Just gotta stay positive!!

  3. Kell...seriously. You know better than to weigh all your basis on pounds lost when doing a fitness and weight loss program. You lose some weeks, but you gain muscle mass. We've done the weight loss game long enough to understand (and even know) this. Seriously-I can tell you're not over it because I've been there myself a bazillion times and will be there a million more, but just keep that in mind, and keep plugging along! It's not a wave of the magic wand!