Monday, July 25, 2011

Weekend update

Let's begin by saying: The weekends are just not long enough. Ok, moving on.
Now, weekend recap:
Eating was great. I stayed on plan, and ate more veggies, which is a goal of mine.
Exercise: Amazing. Of course, now I am paying for it... but in a good way!
Saturday morning I got up and wet right to a kick-ass bootcamp workout at my favorite Bodyology. The workout was called "Drowning in Sweat". Also known to me as "Get your brain in the game" because SO much of it is mentally telling your body you need to keep moving. It was amazing. I love the looks on the faces of the girls coming in for the next class, because just by looking at our tired asses, they KNOW what they are in for.
Let's see... then, teaching, rehearsal, playing with kids, kids to bed... after a while in the evening, I was feeling antsy. The hubs went out for a walk/run, so I decided to do a "short" 25 minute workout. Felt good, circut style, lots of legs (squats, lunges, dead lifts...) sweated my butt off. Sweet.
So, Sunday morning dawns (way too early in my house - the kids are typically up by 5:30/6:00) and after much debate, we decide to go for a family walk/run. My heel was hurting from the day before, so I thought I would just end up walking with the kids (pushing the stroller, dragging the 4 year old) and let the hubs run... but after my heel stretched out a little, I really wanted to run. So I did. The hubs hung with the kids (which is tough) and let me go. Ended up totaling about 2.8 miles. Not bad at all. I got Thing 1 to keep up with us by "racing" him to the next stop sign, mailbox, whatever... it kept him moving, allowed me to keep running, and got him out of the hubs hair. As a reward for him "winning" all our races, we got him a big beach ball (which was broken by this morning).
The rest of Sunday went quickly, teaching, grocery shopping, cleaning, hosting my Fit-Bottomed Girls meeting... on and on.
This morning... holy CRAP. My legs hurt from hip to heel. They feel better once I am moving a bit. You know that phrase: "If I rest, I rust"? That's kinda how it goes. If I sit for too long, I feel like a little old lady with arthritis. Sheesh!
I still took all my walks today (I'm at 9054 steps currently. Perhaps a little slower than normal, but did them none the less). So, my focus has been devising an upper body/ab workout for this evening...As I was walking I had to chuckle to myself. The old me would never be looking for a way to workout, especially when I was so sore... (of course, the old me would never had worked out to that point, but I digress!)But, you know, that's just the way it is. If you want something, you have to work for it. End of story. If you are saying to yourself "I don't wannnaaa" or "I'm tooo tiiiirred" you are just making excuses and keeping yourself trapped by your IFG (Inner Fat Girl). My IFG tells me that crap all the time. So I shut her up with a little "Drowning in Sweat".

I am in charge.

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