Thursday, July 14, 2011

Sweating it out at work

Ok blogger-land. I need your opinion. Anyone out there take some time of their day at work and go for a brisk walk, or do any activity that would make you sweat?

I take my zig-zag walk 1-2 times per day. By half way through, I am sweating. Not profusly. Not to the point where I am stinking up the joint, but there is some drippage that happens. And, being that I am fair-skinned (OK, transparent) I also get red-faced. I'm starting to wonder if this is inappropriate. I work in a very low key office, and lots of the ladies here are striving to get in shape/lose weight. So, they understand, but sometimes I feel a little funny. Sometimes I get "looks" sometimes I get comments - "what did you do, run around??" Anyone have similar experience? Do you just ignore it and keep plugging away?


  1. Tilt your head up high and ask if they want to join you !! Awesome

  2. When I would walk during lunch breaks, I'd bring a spare shirt to change into - I didn't get so sweaty that it was offensive, but it was enough that I personally felt a little uncomfortable. If anyone asks ... I agree with SF4N - say, yeah, come walk with me!

  3. I don't go walking around at lunch for the same reason because I don't want to be all sweaty and feel icky, atleast thats how I feel when I work out because when I do work out I give it my all. But if it works for you then so be it, encourage some of the others to walk with you or maybe they will get the hint in a few weeks when your looking even smaller and jump on the bangwagon LOL

  4. Thanks guys. I did my walk twice today. At lunch I asked if anyone wanted to join me... I got no takers! LOL... I use the walk to get at least 10,000 steps in per day, but not for a good "workout". I do that in addition.