Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My love-hate relationship with Spinning

Yes. Spinning. I love it, and I hate it. Both. At the same time. I go even though my Inner Fat Girl screams "NOOOO!!! DON'T DO IT!! IT SUUUUCCCCCKKKKKSSSSSSS". I shut that bitch up with a protein shake and go anyway. Inevitably, by half way through, I think that class MUST be almost over, and inevitably I want to cry when I see that it, in fact, is NOT.
I know that burn in my legs are my legs changing. They are getting stronger and tighter and leaner with every push of the peddle. With every drop of sweat and rapid heartbeat, I am getting fitter and healthier and stronger and smaller.
I have found that positive self talk is so important in this journey. When Inner Fat Girl is in there screaming that I "can't do this!", I have to block her out with a lot of positive self talk. Sometimes I even talk out loud to myself - "Come on, push. You can do it. You can do ANYTHING for 1 minute" And yes, sometimes people look at me funny. I don't care anymore. If I am going to take time out of my day, away from my kids and hubby, even when I am tired from work or rehearsal or whatever, the LAST thing I'm going to do is phone it in. What's the point? If I'm going to do that, I might as well be sitting on my butt on the couch. Make it WORTH it, right??
Anyway, fit girl is winning today. She will win all day. Inner Fat Girl (IFG) will NOT take over, as she did yesterday *hangs head in shame*.
Today is Fit Girl day, baby!
How are you triumphing today??

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  1. You totally knocked out IFG! She is passed out, laying in the corner while you are running around doing happy dances!! Girl, you are CRAZY!! Spin classes... OMG!! But glad you are loving/hating it and power housing through it!