Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pushing through

I've been trying to shove the gain I saw on the scale out of my mind. I know there is no real reason for it, and I have noticed my body tends to do this. I stay the same, I gain, I lose it all, plus more. You'd think I'd be used to it after all this time, but it still bugs me.

My heel is killing me. I think I can safely say the cortizone shot 3 weeks ago worked for about 3 days. I have to call my podiatrist and see what they next step is, since I don't think I can get another shot yet. I've been told that it may not get better since I am not resting it... but I can't rest it. I have to move. I have to walk, to workout... I can't get out of my habit or it will be that much harder to get back into it.

Granted, the running this weekend was probably excessive.

I have to find a happy medium. This may mean more spinning classes. Ugh.

Feeling a little down today, back is aching... I know what all these things are leading to. But I don't use "that time" as an excuse to sit on the couch and pig out on junk. I'd LIKE to, but come on, where would I be if one full week per month I did that? I'd still be at 365 lbs.

My Damsels in De-Stress Weight Loss Challenge group is doing wonderfully. Everyone is losing inches, and gaining lots of knowledge and insight into themselves, their weight, and their bodies. It's fantastic, and it feels so good to lead this awesome group of women. One more sign that this is what I want to be doing with my life. Motivating, inspiring and guiding people to their best, most fit, happiest selves.

No pressure. LOL

I'm doing some reasearch into starting a business. Mostly into the governement aspect of it - paperwork to be filed, etc. Looking into grants and developing my programs/plans. I may have a long way to go for a degree, but I have an awful lot of knowledge I can be passing on along the way. I plan on getting a nutrition certification, and then work on a fitness certification, as I continue working on the degrees. I think both aspects are important. Now, if I could only win the lotto so I could pay for it all... If any of you out there reading this are rich and just looking for some ways to use your money to benefit the community, feel free to grant it to me!! LOL!

Pushing through my mood, and my aches and pains. The weather this morning was gorgeous - like an early fall morning instead of the end of July. So I walked outside longer than usual. Almost 4000 steps already!

ETA: Ended the day with 13,366 steps - thanks to the addition of my spinning class this evening. Successfully removed myself from the kitchen this evening when I was on the verge of doing some damage... overall, I say not a bad day.

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