Friday, July 15, 2011

Hungry, Zumba, and missing my babies.

Ok, I must begin this post by saying: I am FREAKIN STARVING TODAY. DAMN.
Alrighty. Now that is done.
I went to Zumba last night. I almost bailed, mostly because my 4 year old (Thing 1) was begging me to stay home. I definitely feel torn sometimes. I don't see my kids all day, and sometimes I run in, drop my stuff off, get changed and run back out. By the time I get home again, they are in bed. I miss them, and I know they miss me. But I also know that, right now, becoming the fittest, healthiest person I can be ensures I will be here with them for a long time.
(It ended up that Thing 1 stayed awake till I got home. So, I went up and rocked with him a little. It was nice to see his excitement that I was home, even though he should have been sleeping)

Now, Zumba. This is only my 2nd time doing it. I know, I know... I get there a few minutes early, and the first thing I see are 2 little old ladies waiting for class to begin.
Oh Crap. has Zumba already turned into that class???
The instructor walks in, and starts talking to some of the ladies (there was a whopping 5 of us at this point) how tired she was... I was like OH. NO. You better NOT phone this shit in. I am NOT missing out on time with my kids for you to be LAZY. Much to my relief, as soon as the music started, she really pulled it out. Lucky for her.
I hate not knowing the steps, but I tried to move past it and just keep moving. There ended up being about 15 ladies there, and it went pretty quickly. I burned some amazing calories. Next time (yes, yes, there will be a next time) I think I will feel a little more like letting go and it will feel even more fun. I was just a tad self-conscious.
Feel a little nervous about being so hungry already today. Hoping I brought enough food. I already had a click shake, Kashi and almonds. I'm still hungry. Crap. It's ok. I'll figure it out. The only good thing about the cafeteria upstairs is it has fresh fruit all the time. I can always go up and grab something.
I would love to hear from you parents out there - how do you handle the stress of being away from the kids so much when you are training, or just trying desperately yo get your activity in? Does it get easier as they get older? (mine are 4 years and almost 1 year) Please share!
TGIF people! SMILE!

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  1. I have a 4 and 6 year old and it's so hard! I've started going to the gym at 5am before they get up. I'm tired, but I don't miss them in awake time. Life is such a balancing act.

    I've said it before, and I'll said it again, you're such an inspiration!