Friday, July 29, 2011

Ramblings of a hungry, pissy chick.

I told you I would be back today...

Basically, I am typing to keep my hands out of the M&M's in my office.
Those damn M&M's are calling my name, and I am NOT answering.
I am working (ok, I'm blogging) and ignoring them.
Thankfully, I brought a Click shake in order to stave off the sweets craving. I will make it soon - but I want to hold off a little.

This really IS a rambling post...


My water is suffering a little - I've only drunk 20 oz so far - I've usually downed 40-60 oz by now. I gotta step it up, but I feel a little nauseous when I drink too much, too fast today.

I forgot the most important part of my salad today: my veggie burger. I susally cook it up, cut it up and mix it in with my salad - so my protein source for my lunch was totally absent. I know I am going to be hungry soon.


The click shake has protein (thankfully) but won't be in my belly long enough to keep me from being hungry.

I was never one of the lucky ones who lost that "hungry" feeling (the hormone Ghrelin, which stimulates hunger, lessens greatly in many gastric bypass patients - but not all). I like to joke that I was hungry when they were wheeling me out of surgery. Although not quite true, I never had a loss of that hungry feeling. *sigh* Would have been nice.

2.5 hours left of work. I know it must seem like I'm slacking big time since I am blogging when I should be working - but I am typing as I am on hold with other offices... therefor this blog is taking a while to type.

I want a cookie. Gr.

Ok, enough. I'm signing out and sucking it up.


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