Friday, July 8, 2011


TGIF People!
I know this was a short week, but this afternoon has been the LONGEST!
Anyway, I want to give a HUGE shout-out to my friend and co-worker Diane, who brought me in some work clothes today so I don't have to go out and spend money! She is on the same road as I, dropping weight like no-ones business, and she has graciously given me some things she is no longer wearing. I am SO lucky to have great people in my life!
There is some trouble on the theater front... we had yet another cast member drop from the show. Hubs looks at me and says "That's it. It's over. The show is cancelled"
This show has been more than a labor of love. It has been heartbreaking and extremely stressful. We are having a meeting tonight to make the final decision. At this point, with all of the stress that has gone along with this, I don't even know what side of the fence I am on about it.
Eaten a *little* off plan today... really crazy cravings, but I tried to substitute with a not-quite-as-caloric option... it worked, but it was still more than I planned on today. I may modify the rest of the evening to be sure I stay in my calories.
It's 4:11PM. I have already put over 10,000 steps on my trusty fitbit. I still have the walk back to my car, plus anything else I do tonight.
I am REALLY feeling my abs today from my workout 2 days ago. I never feel a good workout the next day - I ALWAYS feel it 2 days later. It's fine - the kind of hurt that lets you know you worked hard for something. It's always worth it.
My heel pain however, is back, and is not worth JACK. Looks like maybe another shot when I go back to the podiatrist... grrr.
10 minutes and I'm outta work for the weekend. I never feel like I really have a weekend, because I work both Saturdays and Sundays teaching. I would love a free weekend... *sigh*
Zumba in the AM. Getting that familiar nervous feeling. I've done Zumba before, but it has been a while, and I always get nervous I am not going to be able to keep up or figure out what the heck I'm doing. I will, of course, report back here... as always, the good, the bad, and the fugly.

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