Monday, July 18, 2011

Monday morning, again

Why does Monday keep coming back?? Oh. right. Never mind.
7/11: 208
7/18: 206
Hooray! Another 2 lbs down!
When I realized that I am a mere 7 lbs away from a HUGE (no pun intended) goal (being under 200 lbs) I actually got chills. I know, corny. But when you are closing in on a goal - a dream really - that you couldn't forsee happening when you were 365 lbs and feeling totally hopeless, it's a big freakin deal.

So, then I started thinking about a goal-gift. I mean, come on! When I finally get there I should be able to reward myself right! It's so funny that in the not so distant past a reward would have certainly been food related. Now, of course, if I did that, I would undo the thing I was being rewarded for! Duh! LOL

So, I have a few things in mind:
1. Reiki session - this is ringin' my bell right now!
2. Tickets to see a show (with the hubs, of course!)
3. Facial
I really don't know. I mean - this is big, and frankly, deserves a big reward, but a big reward usually equals big money, which I don't have. So, what do you think guys? Do you have any more ideas? Preferably amazing and cheap - lol, no pressure.
Had a great meeting with my Damsels in De-Stress yesterday. We had great discussion on self-confidence, self-talk, and self-worth. It was a LOT for one meeting, and frankly a little overwhelming. Have you ever stopped and thought about how often you speak to yourself negatively? I bet it's a lot more than you think. Try to become more aware of it. Would you speak to a best friend that way? To your mother?
So, today, I will attempt to notice any negative self talk and TRY to spin it more positively.
What are YOUR goals today? Besides coming up with an awesome reward for me.


  1. You will be at onederland in no time and I gotta admit and let you know it feels freaking amazing to say a 1 in front of my weight instead of a 2! Can't wait till you hit your moment!

  2. chills are to be expected!! That is HUGE!!! Literally pun intented it you will!! ;) Amazing!! Keep up the great work and you will be in onederland before a blink of an eye!!!

  3. Oh my, I get excited when I edge closer to MINI-goals, like making a whole-number loss rather than a fraction, so I can't even imagine how excited I'll be when I'm as close to 200 as you are now! Congrats on this week's loss too!