Tuesday, July 5, 2011

cortisone and coping...

Ok. Update. Eating: mostly ok, but Sunday was SUCKY. Besides that, exercising my BUTT off. Yesterday morning I did an awesome HIIT running workout. Approx 45 minutes and I WORKED. Then I went for an additional walk last night, just because I wanted to "move"
I have noticed that when I don't exercise enough during the day, I find myself antsy and feeling anxious. I usually am moving a lot in the evening. Perhaps cleaning, getting ready for the next day, or going out for another walk or run. Everyday I think "you can take the day off - you don't HAVE to exercise EVERY day!" but I end up doing something anyway. I think this is good - but I did get a "comment" that perhaps I was a little on the obsessive side... what do you think?
Today is my exception. No "exercise" today (I use the quotes because I still got my 10,000 steps in)
The reason for my lack of exercise is I went back to the podiatrist and she gave me a cortisone shot in my heel. Some of you may remember I have been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis. I have done my stretching, wearing good insoles, massaging, etc. It feels better, but is not gone, so the Dr. suggested the shot. I must say, the actual heel pain is GONE... but it's pretty sore where I got the shot. I am sure that by tomorrow, I will feel like a new woman!
My Fit Bottomed Girlsweight loss Challenge begins in less than a week! SO excited! As a team, we will complete a 5K at the end of August together. It's going to be amazing! 6 women, coming together to learn, grow, and shrink! Hooray!
There has been a lot of inner demon battling lately... nothing I want to get into really.... let me just say that I had a moment where I felt as though I had no way to comfort myself or cope with things without food. I really, truly didn't know how. I think I am still trying to figure it out.
Anyway, that's my little update. I am really, really trying to only weigh in once a week.
7/4: 208
Next weigh in 7/11


  1. Ya know what I think about that "obsessive" comment???? I think that it is far better to obsess over something HEALTHY than over all of our old bad obsessions. And I am wondering if whoever said it is a tad envious??? Just saying. :-) I am personally so proud of you and you are a GREAT inspiration to me so please Kels...."Obsess" away! :-)

  2. Haha, I know what you mean about getting antsy if you don't exercise - I've been sitting still in a library all day revising, and finally someone came over and had a quiet word with me, cos apparently I'd been incessantly running on the spot without realising, and wobbling a whole row of desks!