Monday, August 1, 2011

You must pay.... with spinning!

Usually on my lunch time walk, I get total inspiration to blog. Today, all I could do was think about my boys. I love them so much.
Thing 1 is starting his first full week of pre-school. He will now go everyday, in preparation for all day kindergarden next year (not this fall, next fall) I can't believe how big he is getting.
Thing 2 is such a little punkin'. I just love his little toothy, smiley face. He will be 1 year old next week. I just can't believe it. One year ago, I was 75 lbs heavier (yes, I gained over 50 lbs in my pregnancy) and BEGGING the doctors to induce me... lol. They finally did. Sammy arrived about 8 hours and 2 pushes later, black hair sticking straight up like a mohawk. What an amazing little person he is becoming, taking right after his punky big brother. Talk about being blessed.
Ok, ate crappy this weekend and frankly, I totally forgot to weigh in this morning. When I get up, I've got 2 kids that are squirming to get up and going, and sometimes I hardly have time to pee, never mind remember to weigh in. Maybe I should change my weigh in day to Sunday? Hm. Something to think about.

Spinning tonight, to try and save my heel a little bit. It hasn't been terrible, but I have been a little non-compliant by not going back to the podiatrist... I really need to call and see what's what. There is no point in going back (and paying a co-pay) if I can't get another shot, or something else can be done (which, it can't) So, there you go.
Tomorrow night is rehearsal - which means no workout. I may be able to do a little lifting before we go, so I will try that. Wednesday: Spinning or a video, Thursday: Zumba or a video, Friday: Lifting (rehearsal) Saturday: Tuff Girl... sweat, rinse, repeat.
Eating WILL be better. Today is going well. Planned and packed everything, and it's been great. Leftovers for dinner, and NO sweets. It's always harder on myself the day after I indulge in sweets - taking them back again is more tourturous than not doing it at all. But, did I remember that this time? NOOOOoooooo! So, thus, I pay. You must pay. In sweat and hard work. So, tonight - I spin. My legs will burn, I will swear, and I will be glad I did it. Because I will feel good (after, anyway!)

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