Monday, August 1, 2011


Maybe it's none of my damn business, but there is just something about people at the gym who come waltzing into class all late, loud and obnoxious that pisses me off.

When I am working hard, I get in a zone. Sometimes if I lose that zone, my body will start to rebel against me and I start to break down. Maybe someone out there knows what I'm talking about. When I am pushing, I need to focus. When someone comes slamming into the spinning room, talking loud, cackling away, and then casually rides the bike when everyone else is working their asses off - it really drives me batty.
I know that this woman's workout is none of my business, but on top of breaking my zone (and others, I am sure) she is TOTALLY phoning in her workout. WHY does this bother me?? I really don't know. I just feel like if you are going to be at the gym - BE there. Work hard. Get the most out of it.
Hm. Maybe I'm just bitchy. Maybe I'm just pissed she broke my zone and I had a hard time getting it back. Or, maybe that's my own fault. I don't know. But it had an impact, that's for sure.
Spinning was *ok* (not taking cackler into account). It was the same instructor I had last week that I really, really disliked. I decided to take this workout into my own hands. I worked really hard, but knew when to take down the intensity and when to bring it up again. It was a better experience that way. I did almost throw up once - but I'm thinking I just drank too much water at once. I am very satisfied by my work level. I pushed, and I am proud.
So, today, I did pay - in spinning.

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