Thursday, August 4, 2011

New fitness toys and my hardcore workout partner!

After a long day to attempting to stay awake in a training session, I asked my good friend Anna to come to Zumba with me at my gym. She happily agreed. Later, we treck over to the gym and I suspiciously eye the ladies in the zumba room, already dancing up a storm (even though we were early?) So, I go back and look at the schedule. *Doh!* Zumba started an hour before. Crap. Now what?
Well, Spinning class was just about to start.
Anna looked nervous. She had never been spinning before.
Well, we went in there and KILLED it. This was a good instructor, and she tried watching out for Anna (since she was new). It was intense, and I was (AM) SOOOOO proud of Anna for doing it and sticking out the whole class. She really proved to herself that she can really BRING it to intense workouts!
Did I mention I ordered some of these fab little helpers? They work wondered for the pain in my wrist. I use them for pushups and burpees - no pain! Woohoo!
Tonight I am FINALLY trying out my new Athletica DVD that I got, and is still sitting unopened. I feel like my cardio is going well, and I need to concentrate on getting more strength training in. I need to set up a specific schedule for cardio/strength/core, so I'm not wandering around every evening thinking "what am I doing tonight??" Getting my TURBOFIRE will also help! My Dad has made a wonderful contribution to my fitness goals by purchasing the Turbo Fire workout system for me. WOOHOO! I can't WAIT to get it and start trying it out!
Food was "meh" yesterday, but I didn't let it stop me from being as active as possible. I tried to get by my black-and-white thinking of "oh well, I already ate _______, so I might as well go wild today." This, my friends, does not work.
So, all packed up with lunch and snacks today. Planning on a healthy dinner and a little Athletica - I will let you know how much pain I am in tomorrow!

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