Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wow - sorry! No updates all weekend, and now it's already Tuesday!
Well, things are going well -

Eating is on track, even over the weekend! Score!

Exercise - pretty good. Still struggling to find good cardio options with this damn heel pain. This is what the workout schedule for the last few days looked like:

8/20 - 100 pushups (16 on my toes!), 100 crunches, 25 minutes pilates*
*see below!

8/21 - Form clinic @ my FAV place Tuff Girl Fitness! We talked about pushups and pullups, worked with the TRX, learned deadlifts and Hungarian deadlifts... it was awesome! I did (drum roll, please.......) 5 assisted pullups! I have NEVER done a pullup before EVER!!! I was really, really proud. And my arms are still feeling it! Nice!

8/22 Spinning @ InShape

Today - hmm.... well, rehearsal tonight, so a big workout is out of the question. So, I'll just walk as much as I can, and try and do my 100's before and after rehearsal.

As you can see, Spinning has been my only real cardio. I really, really need to find more to get my heartrate going. Any suggestions are MORE than welcome!

*So, Pilates - this was my first real stab at pilates, and I was pleasantly surprised. It is almost all core work, and I worked hard, but didn't break a sweat or get my heart rate up. I think I will researve Pilates, like I do for Yoga, to recovery days. But, it was pretty cool! I was just happy I could do it!

I find it funny that even after all this time, I still get nervous going into a new class, trying something new (even at home, in my own living room!) AND that I still get nervous going into Spin class. WHY?? I've done it LOTS now. I know what I am doing. I feel proficient. So, why the nervous feeling?

Maybe it's just IFG (Inner Fat Girl) trying to get the best of me?
Meh. Who knows.

Haven't weighed in, but dammit, I am anticipating a loss. There BETTER be a loss. I AM doing all the right things... and I feel really good.

Heading into a crazy few weeks. The show I am in is coming up quickly. Tech week starts on Sunday... then 2 weekends of performances. I love the show, I LOVE the group we are working with. We have really become a family. But I EALLY, REALLY need some free time back, especially since school is back in session NEXT WEEK as well. When it rains, it pours.

2 more classes this semester... keep on keepin' on.

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