Monday, August 8, 2011


Yes, I'm back again. I should be working, but I can hardly function. Here is my eating so far today:

breakfast: Kashi cereal with 1 tbs natural pb and 1 tbs plain greek yogurt, mixed all together (um, it's delish. Try it)
snack: Larabar
snack: pear
lunch: 1/2 cup quinoa, 1/4 cup corn, 1/4 cup black beans, 3 tbs natural salsa
snack: 1 1/2 cups total of steamed broccoli, sugar snap peas and corn, sprinkles with sea salt, garlic powder and a tiny bit of parmesan.

70 oz of water down.

It's all been yummy, but I am hungry and cranky, headachy and I want chocolate. I'm not going to HAVE it, even though it is practically staring me in the face in this damn office.

I forgot to post my weigh in this morning: 209.4. Yes. That's 5 freakin lbs higher than my lowest. It's so damn easy to put back on, and then taking it off takes forever.

tonight for dinner - prolly a big salad with some kind of protein on it (veggie/soy burger) and salsa or oil and vinegar on it... maybe I'll have a little shredded cheese on it too (if Peapod delivers on time!)Hmmm, maybe a sweet potato on the side... dinner is starting to look up!

A little cheat - I chewed a piece of sugar free gum - a cheat because I am getting rid of all the artificial sweeteners, too, but a MUST because of the garlic on my veggies! WOH! I won't do that again at work!!

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