Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hey Blogland, Whatcha Doin?

Day is dragging a little... but one perk is I don't have my "munchy meeting" today, so no worries about avoiding the snacky stuff.
I prepared myself well today, and I'm feeling very good and on plan. I weighed in this morning and I am 206. Not too bad, actually, seeing as I have been screwing up lately... I'm counting my blessings. I'm also realizing that what I see as a "major screw-up" food-wise now, is not nearly what it used to be. It's an interesting contrast. That change could also account for the small loss I've had (3 lbs in 2 weeks) - I'm grateful. But it's far from stellar.

So, tonight I am going to give Bob Harpers New DVD a try. It's called a "beginners weight loss" workout, but the review makes it clear it's a little more "intermediate". We shall see. I'll certainly report back tomorrow. I still have to be careful with my heel. It has gotten quite a bit better since I have come off all high-impact exercise. I really have missed it, but the spinning and weight and yoga have been great too. Perhaps a blessing in disguise? Maybe my body needed a change.
Ok, so far I have 80 oz of water down, almost 6000 steps and I feel really positive. How is everyone else out there doing???

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