Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I'm alive!

Well, we weathered the storm. Lost power Sunday morning around 5:30. Still have no power, no ice, no phone, but we do have water. Thing 1 is getting really crazy. Thank goodness his school opened up today and I was able to come to work.
This storm has made eating insane. I should have started doing liquids with Allan and his peeps, so at least I would know what the hell I was doing. All I've got is carbs: cereal, fiber bars, cereal, goldfish crackers... I am a bloated mess. Gross. My gym is closed, Tuff Girl is closed...crap. I'm going to hell in a handbasket.
Hoping power gets restored today, but I'm not naive. When they say it could be a week, I believe them. I am in one of those towns that is 100% without...
This week is the opening of the show. The power in the church we are performing in was miraculously restored last night. Thank goodness. So, rehearsals every night, classes beginning this week as well.
I really can't wait for things to calm down a little so I can go back to my previously scheduled programming... I feel pretty out of control and certainly out of sorts with eating and working out.
I know I will get back to it. I am on a mission. This is a stumble, but it won't be a fall. I will get through it. I will get all the refined carbs out of my system and recover.
I hope everyone else out there effected is ok. We had people who lost their homes to the ocean in the town next to us. When I think about bitching about my lack of electricity, I think of them. Yeah, I don't have it so bad. And chances are, if you are reading this, neither do you. Be happy. You are alive. Make something happen for yourself today. I'm sure going to try.


  1. Anytime you want to jump in, say the word

  2. So sorry you are going through it! You will be back on track soon.

    Keep focused!