Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My plan - post podiatrist

Ok folks - New plan.

I went to the podiatrist yesterday and I got cortisone shot #2. It hurt, but whatever. She told me that, until I see her again (Aug 30) there is to be NO high impact exercise involving my heel. She said that since I am doing everything else I was supposed to (wearing supports, got fitted for really good sneakers, rolling it out, stretching it) that we have to take out all other variables, including the exercise.

This is basically all I do.
She kinda said this to me last time, although then it was more of a suggestion rather than a direct order. So, I really didn't take it down too much. And I probably should have.

No zumba, no Turbofire, no Tuff Girls (tear), no running, no heavy walking... holy crap - what else am I gonna do??
But, I have to do this or I'll be limping around all the time. The pain will get (has gotten) so bad I won't be able to do those exercises anyway.
So, I went through a few different feelings on this.
First, I panicked. If I stop exercising, I will lose all momentum to do it and I won't be able to get back into it.
Then, I had a moment (ok, maybe a little longer than a moment) of "who cares. You aren't losing any weight anyway. The exercise isn’t helping. Just forget it"
Ah yes, the IFG is very convincing.
But, I don't exercise just for weight loss anymore. Yes, that is why I started, but now I see what it does for my health and wellness, and THAT is why I continue to do it. It has made me stronger, more flexible, dropped my blood pressure, and given me more energy (most of the time)

So, I needed a plan. I HAD to find the exercises I COULD do and make a routine of them.
So, here it is:
Things to try: (because they may or may not stress my heel)

-Yoga (the barefoot thing might be really bad)

Things to work into routine:

-Spinning (limit to 2x per week to start, because sometimes I do feel some stress )
-weight machines (especially for lower body, since even things like squats "dig" in through your heel in order to do it properly)
-swimming (I would LOVE to do this, but I am still trying to find access to a pool near me to do lap swim)
-"100" challenges - pushups and crunches

I'm still working on the details. After this week, which is really, super busy with rehearsals and a performance tonight, (so really, tomorrow will be good) I will come up with a solid schedule.

I am a woman on a mission! I will NOT lose my motivation!!!

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