Monday, June 18, 2012

Busy weekend, exciting purchase!

Hello! Well, as predicted the weekend was HELLA busy. The auditions ate up most of this amazingly gorgeous weekend, but seeing all the talent that came out for auditions - it was totally worth it! Wow! What an amazing group of actors and singers! We are blessed to have been able to cast this show with incredible talent.

Of course, there are some who are bitter. Angry. They were not cast. We hate to do that, but it's a part of life. I've been there, that's for sure! One girl in particular, who was VERY close to being cast, decided to blow up Facebook about how terrible we are! Well, all i can say about that is I guess we made the right decision not to cast her! My hubby is sensitive, however, and feels very badly. It's an attack toward him, so I understand how he feels. I had better not see this girl walking down the street - that's all I have to say about that.

Anywho - the wrist is feeling better. I am brace-free today. I probably should have it on for a few more days, but it's just SO uncomfortable! It's been good today. I am going to keep my Wednesday workout in place - especially since my calf is feeling better too, so even if I am caring for my wrist still, I can modify with something else.

On Saturday I got up and went to the gym where I did elliptical intervals for 40 minutes. I really worked hard and I was quite proud. I wore my brace, just in case, and my leg felt fine. I was SO glad I could find something to get my sweat on! And I DID, baby! Whew!

So, on to my exciting purchase: (My first post was deleted after this line, which is unfortunate, because it was long, and informative, and incredibly entertaining. However, I do not have time to repeat it. But, I still want to show you my purchase)

Nope, cannot show you my purchase, because for some super frustrating reason, Blogger will not allow me to publish my post with the picture of the cutest Brooks sneakers ever.

Before 1/2 of my post was eaten, I went on from here to tell you about my food, and list my eats for today. However, that moment is gone. I will leave you with stats:

Today, if eating as planned, cutting out some more carbs what are at ALL processed) I will be consuming a little over 1400 calories. It really adds up. All good, whole foods. That's why it's STILL important to weigh and measure, even when eating good-for-you-food.

I'm out (yes, again)

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  1. Yeah, I would knock a bitch out too if she was hurtin' my hubby's feelings!! :( DISLIKE!!

    Glad your wrist is feeling better!!