Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Sweaty core workout, and figuring out "the line"

Good evening bloggers!

So, while I am still frustrated by my injuries, not doing SOME kind of workout tonight was just not an option. My injuries are a substantial reason for me not to participate in my intense cardio Tuff Girl workout, for fear of worsening things, but I just had to come up with something to keep myself moving forward. It's not just a physical thing, it's also a mental thing. So, here it is, my "Core (cause dammit I couldn't do cardio tonight) workout:

30 bicycle crunches (30 each leg)
40 second left side plank
40 second right side plank
60 second forearm plank
40 reverse crunches
40 second left side plank
40 second right side plank
40 standard crunches
10 leg lowers (lowered til lower back begins to arch up) – hold last lower in low position for 10 seconds
60 second forearm plank on gliders* or 30 seconds with one leg extended and switch

Rest about a minute, repeat

I knew this workout was great when I really, really, REALLY did NOT want to do it again once I was through it the first time! LOL. I was DRIPPING with sweat and shaking!

*So, I don't own gliders, so I used 2 folded up tee-shirts that were headed for the laundry anyway. On my pergo floor, they worked just like gliders. 

The side planks are great, because they also work my shoulders and some back muscles as well. One thing for sure - I will feel my abs tomorrow. 

What it comes down to is this: I cannot let anything get in my way. I can never stop trying to get to my goals. Not going to Tuff Girl tonight is not an excuse. Not figuring out something else to do that will move me closer to my goals - THAT would have been an excuse.

I guess I am figuring out that line after all. 

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