Saturday, June 9, 2012

I have a good excuse!

I have a good excuse for not blogging the past few days!
I was OFF of work! W00T!
I took off a half day Wednesday, and off Thursday and Friday... feels sooo good!
I mentioned that Wednesday was kindergarten orientation for Thing 1... woh. I was not expecting the flood of emotion that was going to come out of this. He seems so small in those big hallways... I am terrified. It's a great school, and some of his friends from his pre-k school class will be going there as well, I just... well, he's my baby, dammit!
Ok, breathe. I have all summer to get over it.
Thursday was a luncheon for scholarship winners at the college I attend. I received a scholarship this year, and I was able to bring my hubby along with me. It was really nice!

We sat with some wacky peeps - but hey, it's an honor to be there!
Later in the afternoon on Thursday, hubby and I surprised Thing 1 by picking him up from school early and bringing him to the natural history museum to see the dinosaur bones. He practically peed himself! It was sweet!
Friday was a big cleaning day, and a shopping day for my Old Navy active yoga capris. The ONLY capris I will wear to exercise in that don't bunch, fall or get in the way. I LOVE them, so I went and picked up a few more pair.
Now, it should be said that my eating was NOT good those few days... and I felt like shit. I mean, physically I felt just horrid.
Friday night, hubby and I had a talk. He actually brought up the idea that we should make a pact between us - we help keep each other going. This morning, I got up for my kick ass workout (lifting heavy things and whipping through cardio make me feel like a BAD ass.) I felt energized by our pact. I felt good about planning my food today. We brought the kids to strawberry picking, and went to the nearby farmers market for all our produce. It was awesome. I feel great today.
So, I made some mistakes the past few days, but I am on an upswing. I casually asked the hubs at around 8:30 if he was planning on working out tonight, and he, begrudgingly, we out for a walk. Yeah Pact! :-)
More tomorrow! Keep moving forward, peeps!

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  1. Congrats on the scholarship! And double congrats on the Pact :) It's so much easier with a partner-in-crime.

    Also, I just ordered three more pairs of Old Navy workout pants, they are my absolute favorite. :)