Monday, June 4, 2012

Till you hear the beep

Well, this weekend was quite the mixed bag. Saturday, I started the day with an awesome workout, and had some in-door family time, because the weather was so bad. I also did something I have never done before.
I packed all of the food I felt I would need out to the mall.
I mean, I pack my food all the time, but for this, I packed all of my measured salad toppings, figuring that I would be able to find a basic salad base with no toppings or dressing, even at a crappy place. We ended up at Ruby Tuesday's - a place that has a salad bar. So, I went to town on the veggies (however, I must say, there were more varieties of fatty salads and dressings than veggies!) and used my pre-packed stuff.
I felt awesome.
Then, the next day, I ate crap.
I don't know. I just don't get it. I suck. That is all.
Today, I am struggling to stay on plan. But, so far, I am on point. I have noticed some mistakes, but instead of succumbing to calling this an "off" day and just eating myself silly, I am just going with the flow. I am not restricting my food. So, if I am actually, physically hungry, I am going to eat. When I do, it will be a good, whole food choice.
Just "wanting" something is not going to fly. I have to actually be hungry
Eats today:
Click and soy
morningstar sausage and PB
4 oz ground chicken breast, 2 oz cabot 75% red. fat cheese, 1 mission carb balance tortilla, 1/4 cup hot salsa, med banana
Salad with 1 oz almonds, 1 oz cheese, 2 tbs craisins, 10 green olives, banana peppers, 2 tbs less oil dressing, tons of chopped veggies
1 apple, 2 tbs PB *
*this will be after my workout...
so, when I write it out, there is really nothing terrible here... yet I keep feeling like I did badly today. I think it's because I put it in Livestrong, and the calorie count was higher than I wanted to see. I am going to slowly cut down on the soy milk in my morning shake, and then get it to water, then eventually phase out the click. As the shake stands, it has 200 calories. These are calories that may be better spent elsewhere.
I was thinking about considering my diet in the same way I tackle a workout. When I am working out, I don't ever quit. I think about it, but I tell my mind to keep going. One more burpee, one more pushup, go till you hear the beep, then do the next one. Over and over. Just keep going. Don't ever stop.
What if I tackled my eating this way? Is it tiring? Yes. Keep going. Is it frustrating? Yes. Keep going... One day at a time, one moment at a time. The beep? Well, I guess that would be bedtime! Just keep going till the beep...
It's a consideration. Whatever I can do to keep on track
I'm off for a private workout with Bob Harper. Well, I'm putting the DVD in and doing the workout by myself. But, that's practically the same thing, right?


  1. Dang close to private. The point is that you are doing it!

  2. That foodlist looks pretty admirable to me. What is your calorie target per day? Also, I keep reading about Click. What is it?

    1. Hey Crys! My cals per day sit around 1300 on a regular day, and I can be upwards of 1450-1500 on an intense workout day... but, it's something I am tweaking.
      Click is great - 15 grams of protein, 2 shots of real espresso and super low in sugar! You can find it on! I'm keeping up with you - you are doing great!!