Thursday, June 21, 2012

The misadventures of weighing and measuring...

As predicted, my abs are feeling a bit achy today. Yahoo!

Seriously, this is the slowest afternoon! I just want to get work overwith so I can see my sweet baby Thing 1 graduate from Pre-K today! They have the little caps and everything! Too freaking cute, dammit!

I can't believe my baby is going into kindergarten... Ok, I know, I'll stop... *sigh*

I figured something out this morning. Yes, it was a big face-palm-duh moment. I use my digital scale to weigh all my foods. Well, way back I decided to weigh my PB instead of taking out the annoying tablespoons. Well, when I went about weighing out a tablespoon at that time, it must have been off.  I must have overfilled my Tbs, but I was just sure that, after all my calculating, etc, that 2 tbs of PB was 1.6 oz. I was just SURE of it. So, every morning, I would weigh out exactly 1.6 oz of PB.

2 tbs of PB is 1.0 oz, not 1.6 oz.

If I had just looked a little harder at the damn label, I could have seen that.

This means, I was effectively having 3 tbs of pb, when I thought I was having 2, and I've been having about 2 when I thought I was awesome-sauce and had cut it to 1.

That's 100 extra calories each time I had a serving. Sometimes I had 2 servings a day! 200 extra calories in a day, folks!


Ok, well, I have certainly learned from this. Obviously weigh and measure everything, but also really check out the lables. The serving size is listed in TBS, OZ and GRAMS... take your pick!

I also learned that 1 Tbs of PB (.5 oz) is REALLY not very much. *pout*

It's the end of the day, I am stressing about getting out of here and getting to graduation, and I am hungry and MUNCHY. DAMN. I have no food left for the day... ate it all. PLUS I am ending my day at the infamous "munchy meeting" where the doc we work with is kind and brings in snacks for everyone. LOTS of snacks, that everyone dives into like they haven't eaten all day. I am going to need prayers to get through this one.

And tissues to get through tonight!!

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