Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Well, I am in my wrist brace again and I am once again limping.

I guess I just have to give my calf more time to heal. Of course, as soon as it was feeling better, I went right back to working it hard. The first day was ok, but probably because I was still being careful. Last night I did a Tabata workout. It was great, but only 25 minutes, so I decided to rewind it and do it a second time. Well, right at the beginning of the 2nd time through, I felt that stabbing pain in my right calf. DAMMIT. I stopped right away instead of pushing through and making it worse.

I am wearing the brace because my wrist is still really achy if I don't wear it. This is probably because I was not a compliant patient and did not wear the brace for a week as instructed. Don't roll your eyes. What?? I admitted I am non-compliant!

I am just so frustrated with my body. I want so badly to push myself and I don't want to make any excuses. I have a hard time seeing the line where excuses meet actual issue. Is there a way to get through my Tuff Girl workout today without hurting myself more? No. I don't think so. I e-mailed my trainer and she said sometimes you just have to listen to your body, rest and heal, and concentrate on your food.

Maybe this is a blessing in disguise? Maybe it's good I only semi-hurt myself last night, so that I don't seriously hurt myself tonight? Maybe I need to just focus on my diet? I don't know, but whatever this is telling me, it is most obviously telling me that I need to heal.

So, core tonight, and maybe some lifting/upper body (with brace on).

Food is totally on point. It was on point yesterday too, finishing off 30 calories below my limit. Sweet. Planning for a similar finish today.

I made this fabulous vegetarian chili with morningstar crumbles. I kinda threw it together and frankly, it was REALLY good. 250 calories, 6grms fat, 34 carbs, 9 fiber, 18 protein for a cup. Very filling. Happy girl. Hubby liked it too!

So, it's like, 100 degrees here today. I am not looking forward to going out into it. It's been SO lovely here, and I hate to be hot. *sigh* The only thing I like about summer is it's closer to fall. I think I have stated this before. Multiple times.

That's all from this exasperated chic. Till later...

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