Friday, June 22, 2012

weigh-in and recap

Yes... he is a graduate. Yes... I cried (but only a little) . Yes... there was an all-out-total-and-complete meltdown by Thing 2 on the way home, since he is normally in bed by 7, and it was almost 8 before we were even on our way home. I figured. It happens.

My plan for dinner last night worker out very well. The best part was that I got home with enough time to eat some dinner and not be starving by the time we got there. The second best part was that the focus was certainly NOT on the food. BIG plus. While I was there, I ate 2 strawberries and 1 carrot stick. I know that sounds funny, but that's the truth. Of course running after the 5 year old and the 2 year old helped.

I will also admit I ate 2 pretzel rods in my "munchy meeting". I logged them. My calories for yesterday were still right on. Remember. however, that for me, it's not just about the calorie content, but that foods like that (snacky or sugary) can cause a flood-gate-opening like dilemma for me. I don't think this happened. I was able to maintain total control over myself last night.

I weighed in this morning: 204.8. This means a few things.
A: I have 5 lbs to lose in 2 weeks to make my goal. It's a lot, but I KNOW I CAN DO THIS.
B: Hmm, nope, pretty much means just #1.

I am preparing to go to my Tuff Girl workout tomorrow. I am very nervous. My wrist still hurts a little (although not wearing the brace) and my calf still hurts. I don't know if I should push it or not. I already have butterflies. I just wish that at least my damn leg would get better already. I'm sick of it. It feels like such a small muscle that's pulling, but as soon as I put pressure on the ball of my foot, that muscle is on FIRE. This is still very, very frustrating.

OH, OH, OH - I will get my new amazing sneakers today!! Perhaps they will help magically heal my leg?? Can I get an AMEN!?!?!

TGIF everyone. I hope you all are feeling good, are injury free and getting out and making your goals happen. Soldier on!!

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