Monday, June 25, 2012

Update on advice and the weekend

First, thanks to every one who gave me the advice I was seeking this weekend. You are all awesome to take time for me.

I decided on Saturday night to approach the situation from a different angle. A few things I may not have been clear about is my husbands very real family history of heart attack and other heart issues. His dad had his first heart attack at 38! I may also not have been clear that hubby CONSTANTLY says he wants to be healthy, he wants to eat right, exercise, etc... And don't get me wrong, I have been there. Wanting to, and not doing, and feeling miserable.

So, on Saturday evening, I asked him casually how he thought things were going with his diet modifications and exercise. He immediately said "Not good at all. I think I really need your help". Woh!! So, I asked him what he would like me to help with. I really wanted HIM to guide how this conversation would go, and what decisions would be made. He said he was tired of floundering and he needed me to be more firm with things. I offered to weight, measure and pack his breakfast and lunch on weekdays and he said that would really help. While we were talking, I told him it felt like we were starting down 2 different paths and it scared me. He agreed, which was a relief. So, we have a plan in place, and he really wants my help. Stay tuned for updates...

So, update on me... I am feeling so good. I am hitting into obstacles and I am feeling very good about handling them. I went to a Pampered Chef Party (for those who don't know - these are fancy kitchen gadget parties that ALWAYS have tons of food) and I brought a snack and drank water like a fish. SUPER proud. Was totally on plan/on calorie goals all weekend. I was prepared to go over my calories yesterday by a little bit to accommodate my favorite evening snack, but found it just didn't matter to me all that much, so I didn't both with it. Score!

Went back to Tuff Girl on Saturday and rocked it. My wrist feels mostly better, as does my leg. I still modified a *little* to keep things from getting worse, but I still got a fantastic workout in. I felt amazing. My body really hurt on Sunday, and I love every second. I love that sore feeling, because you KNOW you worked hard and pushed through. Masochistic? Maybe a little!

Sunday was cardio kickboxing. The weekend besides was filled with chores and family time. It was nice, but as most weekends, it went too fast... Can't wait until I am making  healthy living my career and I am able to make my own hours again!

A little weigh in sneak peek (Yes, yes, I peeked) 203.4 this morning!!



  1. SO glad your husband was responsive and is actively interested in working together to get healthy! It's great when you have a supportive partner, but a teammate of sorts too, that's the key to success!

  2. Good for you for initiating what can be a difficult conversation ; good for him for responding honestly and getting a dialogue started!

  3. Girl you've got this!! Fantastic job!!! Way to support your Hubby, that will go far. Good for you guys!! Keep it up and stay focused!!!