Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Half-Assing??? Gah!

Hello again!

Last night, I ended up doing some kickboxing. I didn't give it my all, because I was so worried about re-pulling my calf. What I ended up doing was half-assing my jumping jacks and jumping squats! LAME

My legs feel great today. I am so grateful. My wrist is still sore. I might use the brace tonight.

Workout for tonight? Hmm... not sure. Maybe a run? Gym? Outside? I just don't know yet.

What I DO know is that I still have a lot of hard work to do to reach my goal of 199 by 7/6. I have less than 3 weeks.

Eats for today:
Grande skinny mocha (ugh - My Click espresso protein was delayed in the mail! Should have it tonight, and will make the switch back over!)
B: Morningstar veggie sausage, 1.5 tbs PB
L: 1/2 cup steamed broccoli, 1/2 cup homemade sauce, 2 polly-o string cheese, 1/4 large orange pepper, 1 medium banana
D: "my" salad, but need a good protein source for tonight. That, OR I am thinking of plowing into the kitchen and making some vegetarian bean chili. I know it seems silly on hot days, but it doesn't matter to me!
S: apple, PB

Right now, (tracked through lunchtime) I am at 806 calories, with 490 to go. That makes this girl very happy.

So, little update on bitch-a-rella who hurt my hubs feelings - turns out she had forgotten she was friends with him on Facebook, and had NO IDEA he was seeing all of the stuff (and of course, effectively destroying her chances of EVER getting cast in ANY production) she was writing. Later on yesterday, there was a decidedly sheepish post regarding her idiocy earlier. Teehee.

No time to play today, my peeps. Later

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  1. If you are injured, how can you be half-assing anything if you are actually still moving and still working it?! Silly woman. I wouldn't consider that half-assing. I wouldn't want to re injure myself, so I think you did great.

    And boo-yah in yo' face to bitch-a-rella!! How rude. But at least she felt like an idiot!