Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pull it together, man!

Ok, I have to get a grip on myself right now.

This is one of those days we all run into - the super hungry days. For whatever reason (I could speculate my ass off, but, whatever) there are some days where I am fine just eating my plan, without being *too* hungry (I mean, a little hungry when getting toward your next meal is fine!) and then there are days like this.
I should have known it was coming. I went to upstairs with the idea of hitting the hay a little early, but my stomach was EATING ITSELF. I was freaking starving. I tried to go to sleep, and it literally kept me awake. Ok, belly, you win. 1 polly-o string cheese to shut you up. So, I ended up 20 calories over my allotment. Obviously not stressing about this.

Anyway, so today, I have been unbelievably starving all day. I have already eaten my snack that was meant for me right before Tuff Girl tonight. I have already eaten an individual size bag of pretzels. Umm, 160 calories of nutritionally devoid crap. SO not worth it. I am still hungry. Well, duh. I seriously need to get a grip on this before it gets out of control.

Grip gotten.

I logged everything, including my dinner for after workout and I am at 1446 cals today. This is over where I like to be right now, but I am also going to be doing a super intense workout, so I'm still on the weight-loss trend calorie wise. I also have a feeling I will be very hungry after this workout as well, and my salad, while awesome and delish, will likely not cut it all evening. But, lots of water, hot shower and bed might just look more appealing.

So, this is me, checking in and getting a hold of myself. I leave work in 50 minutes, when I will head right to Tuff Girl for The Fighter workout. It's a new one. I like going to new ones, because then I don't know what I am in for until I am there, a hot sweaty, grunting, lifting, bad-ass mess. *Sigh* Love.  

Do you guys have days like this? Can you attribute it to anything in particular (I could complain that it's that time of the month, or I'm exercising more, blah, blah. Or it could all be in my damn head! Nah... I really AM hungry!)

Last night I did my awesome at-home core workout, in order to preserve my still-sore (annoying) leg for today. This is my core workout:

30 bicycle crunches (30 each leg)
40 second left side plank
40 second right side plank
60 second forearm plank
40 reverse crunches
40 second left side plank
40 second right side plank
40 standard crunches
10 leg lowers (lowered til lower back begins to arch up) – hold last lower in low position for 10 seconds
60 second forearm plank on gliders* or 30 seconds with one leg extended and switch

Rest about a minute, whine a little repeat

I was shaking and sweating out those planks, but I did them. I know this is a good workout, because I NEVER want to do the round again! LOL

Ok, I'm outtie. If I get ravenous later, I may come back and whine here so as to not wander into the kitchen.


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