Friday, August 10, 2012

Choices, Corsets, and luncheons

I started a post yesterday, but it felt forced. I don't like feeling like I "have" to blog. So, when I have something to say, I will be here, to say it.

Thanks to all of the support I received on my last blog, in which I opened myself up to you all about my goal.

Going back to my girl The FitFat Girl - her follow up post to the first - there was another question. We have established "What We Want". Now, are you WILLING to do the things needed to get what you want.
She does NOT ask "are you ABLE", because frankly, everyone is ABLE to do the things needed. It's really about being willing.

My short answer - YES. I am WILLING to do these things. And among the things that need to be done - losing more weight and shaping my body appropriatly.

This is not JUST a physical reason, but I was reminded by Norma in her comment that yes - the physical DOES have to be there... we have to WALK THE WALK not just TALK THE TALK. Even if I am walking the walk, when I am still 40 lbs over weight, it's hard to see that. Losing more weight and continuing to work on my strength and fitness not only transforms by body, but my mind. I continue to LEARN MORE I can teach clients as I do this. So then, when they are successful, and they get to the point I am at now, I can KEEP TEACHING them and helping them to their goals.

Of course, other things like school and eventually finding a part time job so I can do my field work are going to be essential. I'm not worried about these things. They simply MUST BE DONE to obtain my goal. End of story.

Whew. Ok. Now that's out there... :-)

Wednesday's workout was a tabata style format. 5 rounds, 8 exercises per round. After round 2, Christa turns down the music for a moment and gets our attention. She tells us this is a veteran class. We all know how to work hard. We all know how to push ourselves. But she wanted us to go further. To the place that we are all scared to go. Instead of telling yourself "Keep going, keep going", she wanted us to say "Go faster, go faster. More. MORE". Demand more of ourselves. Go to that place that is beyond the line we normally push to.

Well, it made for an insane and seriously intense remaining 3 rounds. Wow. It was incredible. I did not have one drop of sweat left. I left it all on the mat. And it was good.

No workout last night, as I spent the evening dressed an a pirate wench at my boys school fundraiser. We were there till quite late, got home, and collapsed.

You can actually see the ensemble I had on to the right here on the blog. Except, that when I put it on last night, it was all falling off. The corset was laced as tight as it could go, and it was still loose (very sad for my boobs). The chemise (dress underneith) was so big, hubby had to rig it/tie it up in the back, attaching it TO the corset so I wouldn't start exposing myelf to people. The overskirt was falling down. I spent the night hiking it up and tucking it under the corset...

And while I cursed it all night, thinking about it now... it's pretty freaking awesome - except that now I need ANOTHER new corset - and those babies are expensive! I can fix the skirt (I think)... the chemise... eh, I dunno. I'll attempt to figure something out by Faire season.

I looked so SMALL in the corset... and it wasn't tight enough! I can't imagine what I would look like in one that actually FITS! Maybe that will be my next gift to myself when I reach another goal.

Eats for today:
1 scoop click, 1/5 cup almond milk, water, ice (boy did I need this caffeine boost this AM!)
B: oxygen oatmeal
S: 1/2 cup cottage cheese, 1/2 cup blueberries
L: 1/2 sweet potato, 2 oz cabot 75% red. fat cheese, LOTS of zucchini in tomato sauce (home made, about a cup total)
S: banana
D: black bean burger with salad? Mexican turkey breast? Hmmm... decisions decision...

Going up to a co-worker farwell luncheon where everyone who says they are dieting finds this the perfect opportunity to eat everything laid out, including all the desserts and huge cake.

I will be bringing said lunch listed above. I will not have cookies or cake or anything else. THESE choices will help me acheive my goal. End of story. (Or, is it BEGINNING of story? :-) )


  1. Excellent choice not to indulge in farewell luncheon "foods." I found that people were so busy eating their own food, they barely noticed that I had something different. Sticking to your guns means more weight loss and that is certainly good. :)

  2. OMG - I'm dying to see you in your new corset. Seriously - you are just kicking ass. I'm so proud of you!