Friday, August 3, 2012

On the ball, and on the ball

Oh GLORIOUS Friday! I have been waiting for you all week!

Let me back track - no post yesterday equals a re-cap of Wednesdays workout.

Another winner, of course, becasue I never met a workout at Bodyology that didn't push me hard and that I didn't love/hate all at once. This one was awesome, and I did hanging pull ups with bands, when ususally I had to stop between each one and use the jumping method to get my face over the bar. Not anymore!

And that wasn't even my biggest improvement.

I have written before about those bitches: gliding mountain climbers. I am sure you know what mountain climbers are, and gliding simply means your feet are on gliding discs, adding to your instability and making your core and quads work harder.

Now we have a reached another point. Gotta make it harder.

Crap. How do you do that?

You put your hands on a stability ball instead of on the nice, solid, secure ground.

Thus, I was "on the ball" (ba,dum,bum)

Christa came right over to me as I was plowing away at these bitches - "Look at you on that ball YESS!!"

I was so proud of myself.

Ok, maybe to the hardcore fitness peeps out there this seems small. But coming from 365, getting off the floor was hard. Damn, getting off the COUCH was hard. Now I am doing gliding mountain climbers on a stability ball.

I rock. Like, a lot.

As if these things were NOT enough. I also PR my hex deadlift. 155lbs. This is not a max 1 rep PR, this is reps in a 40 second interval. I ended up doing about 5-6 per interval. Next time, we will try 160/165. Gotta push and see how heavy I can go with those.

Can't wait till tomorrow! :-)

Eating has been....good. Not stellar. I had pretzels again last night as I worked overtime, and it just demolished me. Making me feel gross, bloated and heavy. It also makes me seek out other sugar (remember - pretzels are just sugar. All carbs break down into simple sugar.) like the addict I am. So, today, I am "on the ball" with absolutly nothing off of my plan of eating. No "little tastes" or "just one" or "things in moderation". It NEVER STOPS THERE. I will say it again and again to myself and anyone who will listen. And if I make the mistake, I will pay for it, own up to it and I will get up again, get "On the ball" and soldier on.

Eats for today:
1 scoop Click - 1/2 cup almond milk, water, ice
B: pumpkin oatmeal (if anyone is interested in what is in this, it's super easy - plain oats, plain pumpkin, low fat cottage cheese, water, some baking powder, cinnamon and allspice. You can add stevia if you'd like. Simple and good for you.)
S: 1/2 cup lowfat cottage cheese, 1/2 cup blueberries
L: 1 cup homemade chili
S: banana - no protein :-( need to grocery shop badly
D: Salad all the way

Lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of water to help me get rid of this bloating. I drink lots anyway, but I'm going to increase it.

I plan on running tonight, as long as I can get my mom over to play with the boys for a while. If not, some kickboxing at home will do nicely.

Tomorrow hubby is coming with me to film me at Tuff Girl for my fund raising project. I've decided to continue working on it, and I will know when it's the right time to launch it.

Ok people. Soldier on!!