Thursday, August 23, 2012

"Why can't you have just one?"

Do you guys get asked this question constantly?

I do. And I ususally make up an answer "Nah, I just really don't want one"

Which of course, illicits more stares, and dumbfounded looks.

Because WHO in their right mind wouldn't want to gorge on a huge tray of italian bakery cookies?

They can stare in dis-belief. It's fine.

The truth is, I DO want one. The PROBLEM is, I can't STOP at one.

No, one cookie would NOT kill my calories for the day. It wouldn't even kill my nutrition stats.

But I can't eat ONE cookie without feeling like a total maniac who needs to eat the whole tray.

Many of you out there may understand this, and many may not.

Anyone who doesn't think sugar and fat have addictive qualities - You  have been living under a ROCK.

Just look up some research. Some studies have even been so bold as to say Sugar and Cocaine have the same addictive qualities.

I am a believer. Because I am an addict.

So, I let the huge tray of Italian bakery cookies sit on the counter next to me. And I will watch everyone else in the office pick them off one by one. And I will feel my duel-selves fighting. #1 feels good about the decision to not have any. #2 still tries to convince #1 that "we can handle JUST ONE".

#1 knows better. Dammit.

Last night, went to the gym and sweated my face off:

25 minute interval run. 1 minute easy run/fast walk, 2 minute harder run
then did the following:

12x3 #40 chest press
12x3 #30 Bi's
12x3 #170 back ext
10x3 #70 shoulder press
10x3 #90 lat pulldown

12x3 hanging knee ups
100 traditional ab crunches
30 reverse crunches

I feel good about these numbers right now. This is the first time I have taken time to write anything down. So, it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

My stats for the day, if I eat everything I packed.
Cals 1087
Fat 29 g
Cholesterol 43 mg
Sodium 2202 mg
Carbs 136 g
Fiber 27 g
Protein 75 g
Sugars 42 g

Dinner will be a big salad. Lots of veggies, a little dressing and some spicy ground chicken. If I'm hungry after that, I'll go to bed.

Overtime tonight. Not happy I won't see Thing 2 before bed, but grateful for the opportunity to earn a little extra this paycheck. 

Keep moving forward peeps!  


  1. Oh boy, I understand this. Lately I've been giving in, and it's a hard cycle to break free from - saying yes to "just one" is never just one for an addict. Like they say, one is too many and a thousand are never enough. ♥ Keep on doing what is the right thing for you, forget other's justifications.

  2. I totally get this - funny thing is lately I've actually not wanted one. It's weird. I don't know who I am anymore, lol.

  3. Yup, it's never just one for me. All or nothing.

  4. Ohhh yeap. I know that question! In particular I have a weakness with empanadas. They are so easy to eat! And normally as we are 6 people living in my house they make tons of them and save them in the fridge! But yeah I'm quite sure that if I took "just one" I'd end up having a dozen.

    Have a good week congrats on your workout!


  5. Also in the cant have one. Sometimes I tell people i have a wheat allergy. And that sweets are not on my food plan. It keeps random drive by cupcake or cookie drop offs to a minimum at work. That stuff is very quietly dumped into the trash. Ive been called a "mean/strict" mom for not bringing it home for my kid. I point to the high diabetes rate in kids and move along about my day? Good topic

  6. I'm kind of the opposite. I can eat just ONE unless you only offer me one. My husband will ask "do you want a cookie." If I say yes --- instead of bringing the whole bag --- he brings ONE cookie. I, then immediately MUST have two more to go with it. If he brings the whole bag, however, then I don't feel deprived and I can eat just one. Stupid -- I know.