Monday, August 20, 2012

Feelin' Crazy

Ok guys... starting to get a little worse in the anxiety department... actually considering calling my psychiatrist... thinking of calling him makes me more anxious.

This is Thing 1's last week in daycare... next week, he will be a kindergartener.

Holy shit, guys. Holy shit...

I start back to school in 2 weeks.

So yeah. I'm feeling a little crazy up in here... gotta get out of work and go get emissions done on the car and run to a meeting. Won't be home till late. Wish I could be home, curled up in my bed till... I dunno, Halloween?

It's gonna be fine. People go through these little things everyday. WHY am I feeling so scared about Thing 1 going to school? I mean, scared, like the feeling you get in your stomach on a rollercoaster?

More later...


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  2. It is perfectly normal to feel anxious about it. It's a control issue (not like in a bad way, but a feeling out of control issue.) Trust me. My Thing 1 is in 3rd grade this year, I know what you're feeling.
    The first few days (edit: for kindergarten, haha. Not 3rd grade.) are rough, I'm not gonna lie. The second day of school I came to work in tears, where the first day I was fine. Well.. first day I walked her in - second day she walked herself in. She kept looking back at me looking a little lost...
    But I reminded myself that this is life - that it's my job to teach her how to be independent and be responsible.. it is my job. I have to let go. I have to trust that what I teach her will be good to guide her through her life.
    It still freaks me out sometimes - she went to Disney with my parents and flew. That was another "I have to give her wings and let her be her own person." moment, lol.
    Lots of hugs. Take things one hour at a time, it'll be OK.

  3. Hey I send you all my strength and lots of hugs! Good luck hope you find some serenity!


  4. Hmm..No. 1 son getting older...going to get independent eventually..this gives all moms agita!

  5. I know this is old, but I'm going through the same thing. My baby started K this week. He cries every morning. It's awful and I want to save him.