Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekend recap, weigh in and perspective

Happy post weekend to you all...

Well, that sounded weird.

Sunday night. Kids in bed, food for tomorrow all packed. Clothes chosen and out for the boys.

Weigh in yesterday morning: 190 still. But, it's ok. Seeing as there as an ice cream issue mid week, and the fact that it seems my body likes to stay put for a week or 2 and then let go of a larger amount, it's actually status quo.

I have to say I am frustrated by my hunger. I'm over 1400 calories today and I am physically ravenous. Not a little hungry, painfully hungry. I am beginning to come to terms with the fact that, even though it's going to slow my loss, I just can't cut back to 1200 calories. Yes, this seems to be a lesson I need to learn again and again.
Today was busy. We went to this super fun place called Bounce-U. It's a fun place you can go with the kids and they run around insane voicing on the huge inflatable contraptions. Thing 1 was really in his element. He had a blast. Thing 2 was pretty happy most of the time, which, for a 2 year old, is impressive. These places are something I would have avoided at all cost when I was super obese. But I actually crawled into a few of them to play with the kids. The big step, however, came when Thing 2 decided to bolt his little self up a steep set of bouncy steps to go down a very steep bouncy slide. Not really for 2 year olds, by themselves. I really had no choice but to follow him. So, up I went. And, as an adult, I had to work hard to get up those bouncy steps! At the top, I was actually scared. The slide felt very steep. But, Thing 2 was sqwirming, and I knew he was going with or without me, and without me spelled disaster in the form of him falling forward and hurting himself. So, I grabbed him tight, closed my eyes and went. He loved it, of course! At the bottom, I stood back and checked out what I did. I never could have done that at 365. Hell, I couldn't have done it at 265! Once Thing 1 saw me go down the slide, that was it. He and I were up and down the rest of our time there. And dammit, it was fun.

Now THAT was some nice perspective that had nothing to do with numbers.

Gym today was 25 minute interval run and arms, chest and a little abs. We went right after the bouncy place, so frankly, I was already tired! Lol. I'd love to say I did an interval run because I was feeling bad ass, but I did it because I just couldn't
sustain my normal running pace for steady-state. Hubby got to come with me, which was

Hope everyone's weekend was lovely... Back to the grind tomorrow.

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  1. lol - I just read your post, too funny! I was sitting there at my sister's house, watching the kids jump and all of a sudden it hit me - HEY, I CAN DO THAT NOW! haha. It was a blast, and more of a workout than I imagined! Love you!