Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Little games

I have little games that I play during the day. When I am feeling good physically I play them in my mind all the time.

One is "Beat the shuttle" - In the morning, I park in a lot that is about 3/4 mile from my office. There is a shuttle that brings people back and forth, departing every 10 minutes. Some days, I get to my lot just as one is leaving. The next would be scheduled to leave in 10 minutes. So, instead of going and sitting my lazy ass on the shuttle for 10 minutes for a 4 minute ride, I walk and try to beat the shuttle there. I usually win. :-)

Another game I play is "Beat the elevator". I always take the stairs in my building. So, when I am going up to the 2nd floor from the basement, I always glance over at the elevators to see if anyone is getting on. The 2nd floor is the busiest floor (you can get anywhere in the hospital from there) so usually, if someone is getting in the elevator, that's where they are going. If I see them getting on, I sprint up the stairs, trying to beat the elevator to the second floor. I usually win that one too... :-)

Anyway, I like doing these little things during the day. When you work at a desk for 8 hours, you need to be creative in keeping active. Walking at lunch is a given, walking in from the parking lot, taking the stairs, even walking to the bathrooms across the building. Every little bit helps.

Yesterday and Monday, I played NO games. I was so out-of-sorts.

I think what I was really needing was rest. I got into bed, heating pad on my neck, at 9:45 last night. Granted, I wasn't asleep till 10:30, but that is earlier than normal. I slept all night, till the alarm went off at 5:45. And I even snoozed a few minutes after that.

I did not exercise last night.

I didn't do dishes, I didn't straighten up. I ignored the laundry. I hung out with Thing 1 after Thing 2 was in bed. I ate dinner, put Thing 1 to bed, made everyones lunches, and sat down the rest of the evening till I went up to bed.

And I think it was just what the doctor ordered. I feel in control today. I feel much more energized. I brought my gym clothes, and I will get a fabulous workout later. I have all my food, and I feel in control and calm about staying on my food plan. Saying "no thanks" to the morning goodies all around feels easy today.

I am so grateful to be back in "this place"

Today I played "Beat the Shuttle" - and won.


  1. I love the little games...and love that you are feeling up to playing them. Take care.

  2. Hi :)

    I play tons of games too! I probably look kind of creepy while playing some of them but...I am a creep so whatever!!

    One of my favorite when I'm walking is to race someone and set a goal at a reasonable place ('I bet I can get to the pink house before that guy'). It's not easy for me to win as sometimes I race fast people and set the goal too close! Once a guy saw me hurrying to pass him and accelerated then yelled "I WON!" to me when he got to the corner :P

    A sort of solitaire I play while walking is to count how many steps it takes me to walk a street (my city is organized as a grid and every street is the same length) and then try to break the record. It makes my walks pass by as nothing!

    Good to know you are feeling better, you rock!