Friday, August 17, 2012


Thank God it's Friday. Holy shinola, it's been a long, tough week.

I am enjoying my quiet time tonight. Kitchen cleaned, 2 loads of laundry done, and 3 others I had neglected have all been folded. House tidied. Now, sitting here taking a moment to just enjoy sitting.

I think we are getting some storms coming through. Love that.

I'm still white knuckling it, folks. Hanging on to my eating plan with everything I have. I keep telling myself this is just a little a little phase. I can hold on, and it will get easier again. It happens to everyone. So, I'm hanging in.

A little over calories today. But the triumph is not falling into the black and white thinking. It's not all or nothing. 100 calories over doesn't mean everything is out the window.

Did not exercise today. I'm ok with this. My whole body feels tired and slow. I think it was all the stress this weekend. Its all good.

Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I will be sweating my ass off at Tuff Girl. It always makes me feel so accomplished, empowered and just awesome. It's a great way to start the day, for sure.

This is the first weekend for a while we have not had anything really big planned. Beauty, eh?? The hubs has rehearsal tomorrow, so I will have a little tribe time. Plan on bringing the kids to a place called Bounce-U, where they can run around, bounce and jump on the huge bouncy houses. Slides and lots of padding equals fun times and smaller chance on injury. Mama like.

I am planning on gym on Sunday for a run and upper body... Tomorrow at Tuff Girl is tabata, so upper body may change depending on what tomorrow has in store.

Yesterdays workout included tons and tons and tons of squats, lunges and core work. I did some balance work too, and found a great video for the balance stuff, and I plan on using it a lot more. I really need help with core and balance. Keeping it on the list...

Alright... Feeling sleepy and going to go up to bed before I put more food in my mouth. Good night friends...


  1. Wow, just catching up on your posts. You've had quite the week. I'm glad you found some quiet time to relax. Keep fighting the fight with your goals in mind. We all white knuckle it sometimes.....overcoming that is a beautiful thing. You are a strong chickadee!!

  2. Good Night my beautiful daughter...