Friday, August 10, 2012

Lonely Fridays

Friday night, and I'm feeling lonely. Friday is normally one of my favorite evenings.

Hubby has rehearsal, and I have the kids. The little one goes to bed and then the older one and I workout. It's usually ok, but being that he's 5, is occasionally frustrating, as he likes to suddenly stand in front of me mid burpee, or begin demanding strawberries during high-knees.

We are working it out.

After the workout, he goes down for bed and I have a little time for myself. I should be relishing in this time, but tonight I just feel... Lonely.

Inner-fat-girl wants to use food to fill the void, but I know better. All food has been accounted for and consumed, and there will be no more, especially from an emotional place. So, I come here instead. I put it all down on "paper". I put it out there for others to see.

I guess I am getting used to the idea of being more vulnerable here. And maybe this is one of the things that will help me stay the path.

I'm currently listening to both of my children talking. They should be sleeping. I've already been in with the reminder "night-night" to no avail. I shouldn't mind. The longer they chat now, e later we get to sleep... But when the older one doesn't get enough sleep, he's a beast, so I worry about that. I had to punish him this evening, which SUCKS, but was needed. If he's terrible tomorrow, I'll have to do it again and hate hate hate it.

Alright, I know. This is a weight loss blog, and most of this is not weight loss related. But, it is what it is peeps. I know there are some of you out there, fighting the good fight with crazy kids and schedules in tow, and I know you feel me. Give me a shout out if you've ever been tripped by a kindergartener mid burpee. We should start a club...


  1. 3 year old + me on a treadmill = a bazillion times I press the stop button to get him things.
    I can relate!!
    I wish we lived closer, I'd have come kept you company!

  2. Hi! I think your post is very related to weight loss. I don't want to speak for everyone but I know a lot of people that tend to deal with stress or loneliness by eating. Last night I dropped my girlfriend off at the airport and said goodbye to her for 11 weeks and trust me I felt like eating the world. My lack of money and time prevented me from making that mistake but who knows if I would have had a bit more time waiting for the bus...

    Anyways I wish you great luck and hopefully you won't have more lonely days in your calendar!