Thursday, August 16, 2012

"It's going to be OK"

We all have our ups and downs on this journey. They are inevitable.

I guess it's how we deal with those ups and downs that really define us and move us in a direction: either forward or backward.

But if we are lucky, blessed (and I am), we don't have to do it alone.

We have friends.

I have friends.

Are things totally fine from yesterday? No. Not quite. BUT, things can look so different when the hand of a friend is extended. When loved ones rally. When people take a moment to say "It's going to be ok. No matter what happens, it's going to be ok."

Because it IS going to be OK. It can be no other way. I cannot allow it to be any other way.

Thank you to my dear friends. You know who you are. It's hard for me to express enough gratitude...

Let me update you a little on yesterday:

The job front. Yes, this was a major issue. I went into my supervisor to explain the situation before she heard it from anywhere else. My supervisor is so amazing. She calmed me down and put it in perspective. Yes. it was a mistake, but we could fix it. It was NOT as bad as it could have potentially been.

I am NOT going to lose my job.

In the face of all this stress yesterday, I wanted to default to sugar. I went upstairs to the cafe, I grabbed a bag of Swedish fish and another of malted milk balls. I stood in line to add a large cookie to the mix.

"This is NOT going to make me feel any better" "This is not going to change anything"

I stepped out of line, put the candy back and came back down to my office. I fixed up my protein shake.

Not knowing what to do with all my anxiety. Just sitting with it, breathing. I check my e-mail.

A friend, whose opinion I respect intensely, had written. For a moment, I cringed. He's known for his tough love, and I figured I was deserving of some. I needed a swift kick after the ice cream debacle.

There was love in this e-mail. But it wasn't tough. It was kind and generous. It lifted my spirits beyond words and will continue to do so for the coming weeks. He is a Rockstar

After work, as promised, I went straight to the gym. 20 minute run, 25 minute all upper body, including back and a little abs, 20 minute sprint intervals, stretch. Ahhhh.... less than 90 minutes later, I was a new woman. All of the support and a really good sweat, and things just look a little brighter.

My food was totally on par yesterday. I didn't end up quite as carby as I feared. A little more then I like, but I'm not stressing. Here are the ending stats from yesterday:

Cals (I burned APPROX 600 calories (Livestrong tells me 689, but I don’t get behind those stats totally) in the workout I did. I DO NOT "eat" those calories!)
27 g
42 mg
2546 mg
157 g
27 g
97 g
31 g

I'm on track today as well, and not feeling as "crave-y". Tonight will be an at-home workout - hubby has to go help his mom and dad move into their new place. It will be me and my boys. Once I get Thing 2 down for bed, I should be able to do some legs, abs and a little cardio with Thing 1.

I'm wiped out and can't write anymore for now. Love to all of you reading my rants and raves. More love to all of you who care enough to reach out to me...


  1. With all those friends, when you get everything in line, remember to always Pay it Forward. Those three little words make you special, cared for, and respected. It is great to read that you can see a light, and kudos to your friends that support you...

  2. It's nice to see there are some wonderful people out there still in the world. :)
    It is going to be OK. Love ya, gal.

  3. Good to hear things have calmed down a bit (you had me too worried to comment yesterday, honestly!) AND that you stopped the sugar "fix" before it happened.