Monday, August 13, 2012

Weigh in, Macros and the Buckle.

Good morning, blog-land

It's Monday. Normally I would be-moan this; however, after being with my devil children all weekend, including a birthday party in our small condo with 8 screaming children, I am happy to be back at work.

Yes, I said it.

So, let's get on with it, shall we? WI results 8/11: 190. All I can say is: SSWWEEEEEETT...

I am so close to my original goal of 180 by the time I see the surgeon. The coolest part about that is I wasn't planning on see this doc until later in September. With a consult date of Sept 6, I am STILL close. SO CLOSE.

So, time to really buckle down. Not JUST for this appointment, but for a lot of things...

Rugged Maniac is Sept 30. ACKKK!!! So many things run through my head - Am I ready? Am I crazy? Is this dumb? What if I can't do it? What if I can't..... blah, blah, blah.... I have to get the negativity out of my head so I can be SURE I am ready, and not just WONDER if I am.

So, the calories are coming down a little again. I am attempting to stay around 1250. I KNOW I can do it with lots and lots of veggies to help. Today has been calculated nicely. It looks like this:

1 scoop Click protein. 1/2 cup almond milk (unsweetened), water, ice
B: oxygen pumpkin oatmeal, about 1/4 cup fresh blueberries
S: Rest of my blueberries (another 1/4 cup) 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese
L: 2 pieces quinoa stuffed zucchini (great new recipe I played with this weekend - only 175 cals for 2 pieces, and the stats are awesome)
S: 1 medium banana, 2 oz cabot 75% red. fat cheese

As of this point, I have 399-449 calories left for dinner and post dinner snack. I give that range because Livestrong is giving me 1206 calories for the day, and I am giving myself up to 1250.

My macros look great:
807  - before dinner and post dinner snack
17 g  - I have plenty more... gotta get some healthy fat into dinner, or maybe some PB post dinner?
53 mg
1851 mg - a little high - gotta watch dinner
107 g  - nice, but gonna keep the carbs low at dinner
18 g  - need about 10 more grams...
62 g - this will go up at dinner too - I like it closer to 100
32 g  - blueberries, banana, zucchini (mostly banana - 15 grams!)

It's really, really important that I keep my macros in the balance I want to see. It's NOT JUST about calories. I could eat 1200 calories worth of shit, and my body will feel like shit and act like shit. For ME - I like to keep my carbs (minus fiber) under 100 grams, unless it's a serious hardcore training day, and I allow it to be a little higher (using sweet potato, oats, fruit, etc). I want my protein close to 100 grams, my sugar low, and my cholesterol low. Fat? You really need it to be satisfied and to stay full. Use it. (The healthy stuff)

This is just for me. I am not saying this would work for someone else. (Although, I think it IS a very healthy way to eat for all people)

All this being said - you notice I say "I LIKE" or "I WANT" to keep this or that at a certain level. This doesn't always happen. I try very, very hard to make it happen, but I'm FAR from perfect. Sometimes I get a little carby. It happens.

I am at my lowest adult weight. Ever. Like, I probably weighed more than this in High School. I really don't know... damn, I probably weighed more then this in middle school!

I am going to structure my workouts a bit more too. I have been working out "about" 5 days a week (sometimes 4, eeek!) So I am going to make a better plan. Went to the gym yesterday and fried my legs with some running and sprint intervals. Then I did some abs. This was after "Iron (Wo)Man" on Saturday at Bodyology, so my whole body was already aching.

My abs are weak. They are the weakest part of me. I need to really concentrate on them, STAT.

I don't have a set workout routine yet that I do at the gym. When I work out at home or the gym, I tend to be a cardio-bunny, and that has to change. I walked around the gym a little last night and familiarized myself more with the equipment. I am ashamed to say I don't know how to use a lot of it, because I am used to doing body weight exercises and free weights. This has to change... especially since I am going into my LAST Bodyology workout this week. Need to get rid of the Gym-fear. That is going to happen THIS WEEK.

Lots of other things I can talk about, but this is already a long post. I'll end for now, and revisit with more later.

A shout out to my girl Rae Rae who is working her ass off and is OUT of the 190's - YES GIRL! I am RIGHT BEHIND YOU! :-) :-) :-)


  1. I love it that we are rolling along together so nicely! :)
    I am SO proud of you!
    I totally agree with you, too. Being the ex-binger I am, with eating 1200 calories a day, I want it to be LOTS! So I eat more veggies & fruit than I can shake a stick at.

  2. I agree with you that the macro nutrients you put into your body is just as/more important than the calorie count! Since I went paleo, my carb count has been down to about 50% (down from 75% non-paleo) and I have been able to eat MORE calories per day and lose weight than when I was eating more carbs. Everyone is different, but finding the right balance for me has made my life so much easier!!